You don’t have to be a skin expert to know that keeping your skin clean is the first step in fighting acne, but did you know that there are individual plants and extracts that work better for acne relief that you can try at home?

The science behind acne prevention includes learning about which common household plants, oils, and extracts contain the best naturally occurring chemicals and principles that directly targets acne before it forms.  Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties are key for home remedies that heal acne in no time.

Spot treat with tea tree oil:


Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial are the two properties that tea tree oil is comprised of in concern with fighting acne effectively and quickly.  If you have acne, dark spots, and redness, tea tree oil can be your best friend in solving these issues.  Acne can form when the skin is not cleaned properly, but with spot treatments of tea tree oil, its antimicrobial properties can penetrate the skin’s pores for optimal cleanliness.

When using this potent essential oil on your skin, be sure to ask your board-certified dermatologist beforehand, as well as testing the oil on an inconspicuous place first.  For those with sensitive skin, dilute the tea tree oil with a few drops of water and then apply to the skin’s problem areas.

How mint & honey works for acne:


Honey and mint can be combined together to make the ultimate facemask.  Both natural, organic ingredients can help with the prevention of acne breakouts like blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and clogged pores.  Honey works to smooth the skin and with its antibacterial properties, and can curb bacterially related breakouts.  Similarly, mint evens the skin, targeting clogged pores and removing bacteria that is responsible for acne.  In union, honey and mint create a soothing face mask that leaves your skin feeling soft and cool.

For the perfect facemask, chop your mint into fine pieces and mix in honey and your other favorite natural ingredients, like cocoa or oatmeal.  Massage the mixture onto your face and let it sit for about twenty minutes.  Including honey and mint in your daily skincare regimen will produce the satisfying acne-free, smooth skin results.



Research suggests that free radicals are to blame for wrinkles and skin cell damage, so to combat this, your skin needs an ingredient packed with antioxidants.  Cocoa is the answer to fighting free radicals because it is chalk full of nutrients that boost skin cell strength and the body’s immune system.  Cocoa is also full of vitamin C, a vitamin known to repair skin and return damaged skin cells back to their original healthy status.  Cocoa powder is easy to mix with other skin-boosting natural ingredients, like honey and ground oatmeal for a pleasantly scented, effective facemask.



What’s more refreshing than mint?  Using mint as means to subside acne breakouts and cleanse the face can reduce inflammation, redness, and give you a more even skin tone, with the fringe benefit of leaving your face cool and refreshed.  Mint, either on its own or combined with other anti-inflammatory natural ingredients, can unclog pores and remove acne-causing oil from the skin’s surface.  To use mint as a part of your beauty regime, finely chop the mint and combine it with your favorite natural ingredients for the ultimate facemask.

Green tea for acne:


For centuries, green tea has been enjoyed as one of the world’s most popular beverages, but it has also found itself as a staple in traditional medicine.  Packed full of free-radical fighting antioxidants, green tea also excels at encouraging healthy, acne-free skin.  With its antimicrobial compounds, green tea kills bacteria responsible for pesky acne breakouts before they happen.  To use green tea for acne, wash your face with a cooled cup of brewed green tea each morning, or for stronger spot treatments, apply a steeped bag directly against your skin’s problem areas.

We hope that these home remedies can help you treat even the most stubborn of acne! Share your favorite home remedy with us in the comments below!

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