Freckles can be a cute sign of uniqueness, but as your exposure to sunlight grows, they get gradually darker, turning them more unsightly than flattering. If you find yourself at a point of no return, you have no choice but to try some freckle removal procedures. And make no mistake – there are plenty of options out there, so many that you have to start wondering which ones actually work.

How to Get Rid of Freckles Fast

#1 Freckle Removal Homemade Remedies

The safest and surest way to get rid of skin imperfections without spawning new ones is through natural, homemade remedies. Lemon juice is actually the best ally to anyone seeking freckle removal. A simple daily routine that involves dipping a cotton ball into some lemon juice and applying it to your freckled areas for 10 minutes might actually do wonders. Sure, the effects won’t be that immediate, but you can be certain you won’t wind up with more problems than you’ve started with.

Alternatively, sour cream and honey are also fantastic freckle removal methods, as they both also contain nourishing substances which will benefit your skin in a general sense too. Not only will you blend the freckles in and make them disappear, but you will also glow.

#2 Freckle Removal Cosmetic Remedies

Of course, you can always try cosmetic procedures. The most popular product for this kind of situation is freckle removal cream, which is better known as a skin lightening cream. It has known properties which help remove freckles and other dark spots from your skin. For the best of effects, try seeking out skin lightening creams that contain licorice or aloe extracts since they make the freckle removal processes more effective.

As expected, though, freckle removal cream is far from being a natural product. Substances such as hydroquinone and oxybenzone, while helpful against freckles and skin impurities, can also have side effects which do more harm than good.

A more specific method is using a chemical peel. Just as the name suggests, it’s a blend made of various chemical compounds which can help remove even the darkest and lightest of freckles. However, due to its harsh nature and possible risks to your body, you should avoid attempting it frequently.

#3 Freckle Removal Laser Procedures

For those with enough money to spare, laser procedures are the ultimate freckle removal method. It works by burning at the blood vessels found right underneath the freckled layers of skin. The laser beam can help you shed off both the natural and sun-induced freckles. There have been no results that hint at any possible long-term harmful effects of this kind of treatment. However, it may conclude with red or swollen skin for a short time period.

Wrapping Up

Freckle removal is an achievable cosmetic dream and there are certainly enough methods to pursue. Our personal recommendation is to give these procedures a shot in the other we’ve listed them. The homemade remedies are extremely easy and cheap. So, try not to skip them in favor of an expensive laser treatment. They might actually work!