Stiletto or claw nail designs are a far older trend than you might have thought. They date back to the period immediately following the Second World War. Back then, to have slightly overgrown and more pointed nails meant more than a fashion choice. It was a social statement that women could finally adopt more feminine aqnd domestic roles, as they did before the war. And now that fashion is back, with nails even longer and pointier. Here are seven claw nail designs fit for 2017.

1. F-It for Halloween

Get It? F-It for Halloween because these claw nail designs have a minimalist hint to that one clown we all dread the most. It. They represent a subtle nod to the horror genre as well as to one of the scariest monsters in American literature and cinematography – Pennywise the Clown. The nails themselves are a matte black with just the ring finger painted in Its iconic red lips and pointed teeth.

2. In the Nude

These have got to be some of the most interesting and creative claw nail designs we have ever seen. The basis of the nail is painted in a flesh-colored nude while the rim has a black outline. The design becomes extremely eerie and absolutely unique. One of the nails is clear with a black butterfly stencil on it.

3. Purple and Gold

Here’s a design that you could easily wear for your big day. The basis of the nail has been painted in a royal purple that looks almost velvety to touch. Afterward, a whole bunch of gold appliques has been added to it to give it a 3D look. Notice how one of the nails is in reverse, meaning that it’s golden with purple appliques.

4. Clear Claw Nail Designs

This idea takes minimalist to a whole different level. Not only are there no nail polish, color or ornaments involved, but the fingernails themselves have no color either. They are made of acrylic or gel, and they are completely transparent, sometimes giving the illusion that they’re not even there. How cool is that for stiletto nails?

5. The Evil Queen

If Maleficent went to get her nails done, this is what they would have looked like, for sure. They would have been extra-long stiletto nails, in a dark Disney villain green. You can wear them on a special occasion with an outfit you have expressly prepared or on an ordinary day when you’re trying to ruin the kingdom and get your revenge on Sleeping Beauty.

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6. Beauty and the Beast

We’ll stay in the Magic Kingdom a bit longer to take a look at these amazing claw nail designs. Their inspiration has been the one and only tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast. We loved them because of the very uncluttered and symbolic artistic approach. They represent only the magic rose, that enchanted the Prince and turned him into a Beast. Hurry up and get them before the last petal falls.

7. The Chosen Ones

Harry Potter nail designs are still going strong. Absolutely nothing can put a damper on Potter fans all over the world and, luckily for us, they keep on coming up with fantastic ideas. Like these stiletto nails in pure white and gold that represent the sign of the Deathly Hallows, Hedwig the snowy owl, and Harry lightning scar. Magical!

There are many claw nail designs out there but none quite like these ones. From scary Halloween ideas that look like Pennywise the clown to Harry’s own Hedwig to the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast, these are truly the best. Let us know in the comment section below which ones were your favorite.