A detox herbal tea is always a good choice when you want to help your organs function better, lose some weight, and improve your overall health. Choice Organic Teas has a very good reputation with nutritionists and scholars, being a pioneer in supporting science-based natural medicine.

We tested the herbal tea detox cleanse solution from Choice Organic Teas to see if the Simply Detox blend works as advertised and is worth a mention in our top ten best detox teas. Let us see our Choice Organic Teas Simply Detox review and learn together about the main advantages of this dietary herbal tea.

Best Features

  • check Certified organic
  • check Doesn’t contain caffeine
  • check Kosher
  • check Formula created together with Bastyr Unviersity
  • check Good results with excess fluid retention

Our Choice Organic Tea Review

We will begin our Choice Organic Teas Simply Detox review by saying that this tea tastes equally amazing whether you drink it hot and cold – which is rare in the herbal teas department. Moreover, the tea packs a solid punch of subtle and well-balanced flavors. It has a slight sweet taste and we loved to drink it straight, without added honey.

As effects are concerned, this Choice Organic Teas Simply Detox review is definitely positive. If you drink a cold cup of this tea in the morning, you will feel energized, refreshed, and cleansed. If you drink a hot cup of this tea before bed, you will sleep well, feel soothed, and enjoy the purifying effects the next day.

The roasted dandelion root is a celebrated liver cleanser, while the Rooibos has excellent antioxidant properties. After we drank the tea for a week, we made two incredible discoveries: it helps you gain clean, fresh, and glowing skin; it works great for liver cleansing.

best detox teas choicebest detox teas choice

Choice Organic Teas Wellness Tea, Simply Detox, 16 Count
  • Caffeine free
  • Certified organic
  • Herbal dietary supplement


  • checkSubtle, savory taste
  • checkExcellent detox effects
  • checkHelps you get glowing skin


  • closeSome people may need to add natural sweetener
  • closeMore expensive than similar products
  • closeOveruse may lead to upset stomach

Choice Organic Teas Simply Detox Conclusion

If you need a liver cleansing treatment, our Choice Organic Teas Simply Detox review might help you make the right choice in this direction. Moreover, besides the fact that the tea will help your body eliminate all the elements that clog it and slow it down, the tea will also help you get rid of some extra pounds. We recommend you keep this detox diet for a full week once a month for good results. You will experience a boost in energy. Your immune system will also appreciate this detox diet tea, while your skin will thank you for your good care.

Choice Organic Teas Wellness Tea, Simply Detox, 16 Count
  • Caffeine free
  • Certified organic
  • Herbal dietary supplement

Common Questions

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    Q: Can you have the dandelion root tea iced or must it be hot?

    A: As we already mentioned in our Choice Organic Teas Simply Detox review, the tea tastes equally good no matter if you prefer it iced or hot.

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    Q: Can you combine calming and focus teas?

    A: While many people mix teas on a regular basis, we recommend you check out the ingredients to see if the ingredients do not clash against each other or cancel each other out.

  • chevron-circle-right Q: How should I prepare and drink the tea for best results?

    A: The suggested use of the tea is to pour freshly boiled water over one tea bag in your favorite cup and steep for up to ten minutes. You can enjoy a freshly brewed cup on a daily basis.

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