When it comes to detox and body cleansing programs, plenty work well and fast. We mentioned the Lemonade Master Cleanse a while ago as being one efficient detox diet. While the Master Cleanse is rather extreme, it is still very popular with celebrities. However, instead of putting your body through some harsh and disruptive alterations, why wouldn’t you take the safer and healthier road to detoxification and weight loss? Tea and herbal supplements represent a wise beginning to a lifestyle change – and we all know some of them lead to amazing results. Today, we offer you our own Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea review and see if the product is as good as advertised.

Best Features

  • Natural ingredients
  • Naturally supports the detoxification process
  • Highly antioxidant value 
  • Great taste
  • Visible detox results in a short amount of time 

Our ​Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea Review

One of the reasons we decided to test this product was the fact that all Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea reviews were positive. Customers who offered a Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea review were more than appreciative towards the product. Too good to be true, perhaps? It was time to find out!

The first thing anyone appreciates at a tea is the taste. Gaia Cleanse and Detox Tea is impressive from this point of view. Its added essential lemon and peppermint oils make the tea taste fresh and savory. It really wakes up your senses and fills you up with good energy. Moreover, given its delicate and perfect balanced exotic flavors, you will not feel the need to add extra lemon or honey.

​Our Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea review must continue with the tea’s results in the detox department. We had a generous cup of tea every morning for a week and we have to say we never felt better! The orthosiphon encourages the elimination of excess fluid; the Rooibos tea packs a heavy punch of antioxidants, while the burdock and artichoke had a significant purifying effect.

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  • checkPromotes healthy liver and kidney function
  • checkAmazing taste
  • checkAffordable price


  • closeMay lower your blood sugar levels
  • closeMay lower blood pressure
  • closeOveruse may lead to an upset stomach

​Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea Conclusion

Our Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea review is definitely good, as this herbal tea detox cleanse solution offered us a positive experience. In comparison to other similar detox teas, Gaia tastes amazing, boosts your energy levels, purifies, cleanses, and offers a great way to start changing your lifestyle. The weight loss results become visible if you pair the detox tea with a cleansing diet. This tea certainly deserves its spot on our best detox teas top.

​Overall, our Gaia Herbs Cleanse and Detox Tea review is positive to say the least. You can drink it as part of your detox cure or as a fresh and tasty pick-me-up during the day. Make sure you do not drink too much and that the herbs in the tea do not clash against some of your health issues. Other than that, you will enjoy a wonderful cleansing experience.

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Common Questions

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    Q: ​How should I prepare and drink this detox herbal tea?

    A: ​Pour one cup of freshly boiled water over one tea bag and keep the cup covered for 10 minutes. Do not add sugar.

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    Q: ​How often should I drink the tea to get visible detox results?

    A: ​For best results, you can have a cup of the tea on a daily basis, preferably in the morning for full energizing effects.

  • chevron-circle-right Q: ​Does the tea or any of its ingredients have side effects?

    A: ​You should have a chat with your doctor or nutritionist before including the tea in your daily diet. It may lower your blood pressure and sugar levels.

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