The bathing suit season is upon us and many women would like to try Brazilian waxing. If you have never tried this before, do not worry because the pain is not as harsh as you would think. When you are going to a salon to get Brazilian waxing, besides the anticipation of the pain you are also intimidated by the fact that you will have to strip your lower half bare.

When it comes to what and how to remove hair in that sensitive place, many waxing salons have different names and different methods for the same options. Basically, you have to choose between going totally bare, or leaving a “landing strip” there, just a little bit right down the center. After you think this through, let your waxer know what you prefer.

Brazilian Waxing for the New Bathing Suit Season

Now, the painful part begins. There is no need for sugarcoating. Besides feeling uncomfortable for the fact that your pubic area is at display, you may experience some pain and stings in certain areas. First, the esthetician will apply some wax on part of your pubic area using a wooden spreader. Then, the waxer would place a piece of cloth on top.

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Brazilian waxing can be rather painful, but you will surely enjoy the results.

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Next, the specialist should hold your skin taut and then zip the piece of cloth right off. In certain areas, the pain you feel may almost make you scream while in others you will barely feel a sting. The waxer will start with the top area and the sides. After this, more sensitive portions will be taken care of, like the labia. Even if you may think that is awkward and uncomfortable, you will get used to it. It is better to know what to expect.

Now the most awkward part follows: your waxer will do the area between your butt cheeks. At this point, you may have already experienced all sorts of uncomfortable, but this may top the rest. Your esthetician will ask you to lay flat on your belly and they will hold your cheeks apart to wax that sensitive area. However, the professional may also ask you to pull your leg up very high.

Brazilian Waxing Is Pretty Painful

Irrespective of the position chosen, this part of the waxing process is usually over very quick. However, you would need to know that the waxer may need to use the tweezers to remove some stubborn hair.

Many feminists have been discussing Brazilian waxing arguing that this practice makes a woman’s pubic area look like that of a little girl. Furthermore, it has also been said that some women may do it to please men. This is a terrible misconception. Women do this for themselves, to look good and feel good when going to the beach.

Even if this is a painful experience and many females hate it and always try to use alternatives, others get Brazilian waxing regularly. Waxing the sensitive area between your legs can offer you better results than shaving. When you shave, your hair tends to grow very fast. However, if you would try waxing, you will see that your pubic area will stay smooth longer.

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There is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of when trying Brazilian waxing. You will eventually get over that psychological barrier in the end and you will surpass the pain. It only depends on you whether you want to get waxed down there or not. Choose what you want, feel confident and love your body!

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