Every woman out there has tried at least once some black nail art designs. Black nails are bold and edgy. They are very chic and will give you a mysterious look. Reveal your darker side with black nail art that will make you have a stunning manicure.

DIY Dark Nails

by HelloMaphie

Let’s see how you can get an exquisite black nail art design. First, apply a base coat on all your nails. Then, cure them for 30 seconds on a LED lamp. Next, apply the black gel polish and cure your nails for 30 seconds. Apply the top coat and secure the ends of your nails. Furthermore, you need to cure them one more time for 30 seconds. Now you have shiny and amazing black nails.

Nail Art Designs with Black Nail Polish

by Leila Ramon’s Nails – Nail Art Designs

For the first nail art design, you will need a white and black nail polish, a nail stick and base coat. Start by applying the base coat. Then, apply the black nail polish towards the tip of your nail in two simple strokes. Let it dry and draw a little white bow above the black nail polish. Apply a top coat and let your nails dry. Your nails will look incredible!

The second black nail art will look gorgeous. For this one, make sure you have some rhinestones. Start by applying a base coat and then the black nail polish. Let it dry really well and then apply six rhinestones, three on each side of the nail. Use a nail stick to draw the shoelaces with white nail polish. Therefore, you need to connect the six rhinestones with nail polish. Use the brush from the white nail polish to make a French tip.

Let your nails dry and then draw the details on the tip of the shoe. Apply a top coat, and your shoe nail design is ready.

The third nail art is a zipper one. Apply the base coat. Next, apply black nail polish in a V shape, without completing the whole nail. Draw the zipper using a nail stick and white nail polish. Apply your top coat, and now you are all set.

Simple Black & White Nail Art

by PinkFlyingCow ✩ Nail Art Tutorials

To obtain this exquisite manicure, you will need a thin nail brush, rhinestones, base coat, top coat, black and white nail polish. Apply the base coat first. Then, apply the white nail polish diagonally, on just one side of the nail. Let it dry and then use the thin nail brush to draw some black diagonal lines. Fill the triangle left out with your black nail polish. Let it all dry. Next, apply a top coat and a rhinestone on each nail. Your nails look spectacular!

“Fused Colors”- Black & White

by JaeMarie2008

Try this easy black and white nail art, and you will not be disappointed! Start by applying your base coat. Then, apply two coats of white nail polish. Next, apply black nail polish on half of your nail and let it dry. Use a black nail striper and start doing some thin lines in different sizes. Let those lines dry and then use the white striper to the same thing on the opposite side. Now you will get a fused-color effect. In the end, apply your top coat and let your nails dry. This looks amazing!

Gathering our brushes

These amazing black nail art designs will make you purchase a few extra bottles of your favorite nail polish. Furthermore, you need to know that you can match your black nails to any outfit. Your manicure will look exquisite, completing your look.

Image Source: Pinterest