Knowing how to do makeup for black and white photos can be quite tricky even if you’re a professional makeup artist, let alone an aspiring one. Instead of dealing with color, you are now dealing with only light and dark. Therefore, how will you make sure that your makeup won’t show as some dark patches or at all on your face when you take selfies? Don’t worry. We’ll teach you how. Here are some amazing tips.

  1. Never cake your foundation. The greatest thing about black and white pics is that they will always make your skin look amazing. Therefore, one layer of foundation and concealer will be enough.
  2. Cover all the red tones in your skin. The reason is that red patches will show up as gray when you take a black and white pic. Therefore, your skin will look splotchy. This is where your yellow concealer that you never use comes in handy. By the way, this works for men as well, so don’t shy away from it, guys. It’s way easier than photoshop.
  3. Focus on your lips and eyeliner. These are the things that will actually show up in the black and white pic. Therefore, go heavy on lipstick and make sure your cat eye is on par.
  4. Don’t worry about putting on your eyeshadow by the book. As far as knowing how to do makeup for black and white photos goes, it really won’t show in the pictures, no matter what you do. Stick to the five primary colors and don’t waste your time.
  5. As far as colors go, here’s what you need to know. Every color that has an undertone rooted in blue, red, and purple will look a lot darker than you originally thought. Remember that and play by this rule.
  6. Focus on your bone structure and crease of the eye. If you know how to highlight them, your face will look a lot prettier and more balanced in black and white.
  7. While taking the pictures, make sure you always have a lot of loose powder handy somewhere. Your face gets oily very fast, especially if you also use some sort of lighting system to take the pics. Touch up and brush off any shine on your face, especially in the T-zone.
  8. Always remember that you are playing with tones of gray here, not color. Therefore, wanting to wear your favorite pink lipstick is moot. Try to understand the rules of light and dark and construct your portrait thusly.
  9. Make sure your foundation is matte and that it is always at least one shade lighter than your own skin. This will help create a much-needed contrast between your face and the rest of your makeup.
  10. A bronzer works best when defining your cheekbones. Apply it all the way to the temples. Even if it looks a bit too much, remember you are trying to highlight them for a black and white pic, not going out of the house like that.

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Here are the ten awesome tips we promised on how to do makeup for black and white photos. If you follow them to the letter, you are sure to take the best selfies yet. What do you think? Have you got any more tips? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know.