Oh, that classic, timeless cat eye look! We are certain that every woman, no matter her age or the time period she’s lived in, has sported this eye look at one point in her life. After all, it’s the go-to alternative when it comes to an elegant and classy look. Celebrities have worn, are wearing and will undoubtedly continue to wear this feline allure on red carpets. However, while we agree that the cat eye is eternal and cannot be replaced, what would you feel about taking it to the next level? How about a modern cat eye?

That feline look does not have to remain like it is, even though it’s beautiful. The times are changing fast and makeup looks should stay one step ahead at all times. This is why we have prepared a list of some of the most interesting modern cat eye looks for you to try in the future. Here are some examples that will surely spark your imagination and awaken your inspiration. After all, they are here for inspiration, not to be followed precisely, especially if you don’t feel comfortable or bold enough to do it. Here we go!

1.      Eyeliner on the crease

While this look might seem a bit crazy and wild, you should know that it is actually one of the most flattering out there for any eye type. It is also incredibly fast to draw. You should begin with grooming your brows because they are the ones carrying this special look. With your liner brush, start drawing a fine line starting at the inner corner of your eye. You should simply follow your crease line and do that iconic wing at the outer corner of the brow. While this is very modern and chic, it still ahs that classy feel to it. You can leave it like this or you can also connect your eyelid with the end of the winged liner. You can even add some black eyeshadow to make the look more intense.

2.      The reversed cat eye

This upside down cat eye look is even more feline than the classic style. It is very simple to do as it is practically a normal cat eye but on your lower lid. Follow the natural line of your lower eyelashes with the brush of the eyeliner. At the outer corner if the eye, execute that wing but do not extend it too much. Add a few coats of black mascara and you’re good to go. Avoid putting eyeshadow on your upper lid for this look. You can take a buffing brush and buff the sharp line of eyeliner if you feel like it.

3.      Colorful eyeliner

Who says that a cat eye needs to be done only with black eyeliner? Nobody! This is why you can do it using any color of eyeliner because nowadays most companies have them. You can either choose to do the classic wing with this colored liner or you can do the black one and add a colored line above it. It’s all up to you!

In the end

So, what did you think about these modern cat eye looks? Are they both elegant and cool at the same time? We think they are! Would you try them? Let us know in the comments below!

Image source: freegreatpicture