What is a Nail Dehydrator?

Although the sound of “nail dehydrator” may sound scary and make you think of raisins, prunes and other dehydrated fruits, it is actually just a simple way to prep your nails for nail polish. Many nail salons use a nail dehydrator in their nail primers or before their nail primer to promote higher adherence of nail polish and acrylic nails which will make them last for a longer period of time. When applied, nail dehydrators create optimal nail surface for applying polish by dissolving oils that reside on the nail.


This in turn creates a smooth, clean surface that is easier for nail polishes and acrylic nails to stick to. Start using a nail dehydrator now to help your fresh nails stay smooth and less likely to chip the day after.

How is a Nail Dehydrator Different from a Nail Primer?


The biggest difference between a nail dehydrator and a nail primer, is that a nail primer can be used as a base coat to your manicure. A nail dehydrator is placed on your natural nail before anything else and creates a surface that nail polish and acrylic nails can easily bind to, after that is when a nail primer is put on. Most nail primers have some kind of nail dehydrator already mixed in with them, but not enough to equal putting on a whole coat of a nail dehydrator.

Nail primer will also protect your nails from absorbing harsh chemicals that can be found in nail polishes and products. As the first coat or base coat of the manicure, the nail primer is a great product to use, but can not take the place of a nail dehydrator. Without using a nail dehydrator, your nails will not have as long lasting of a manicure because the paint will have to adhere to a flat surface instead of a more rigid one.


How to Dehydrate Your Nails

If you are an avid salon goer, chances are you are already having a nail dehydrator being applied to your nails every visit. On the other hand, if you consider going to the nail salon as a way to treat yourself and instead paint your own nails, you may want to invest in a nail dehydrator. A nail dehydrator looks just like any other nail polish bottle and can be found in drug stores or online.

They typically runs depending on how much of an investment you want to make. You can find a few different kinds of nail dehydrators that focus on a bond aid, pH bond, and nail prep. We recommend that you choose a nail dehydrator that promotes a pH balancing agent and also dries quickly. This way, your manicure will last longer and take less time to do by cutting down on waiting time.


The actual act of dehydrating your nails is pretty simple. You will be a natural at it if you have ever in your life painted your own nails. Before applying ANY kind of nail polish coat or nail primer, apply the nail dehydrator directly onto your natural nail that is rid of any paint or polish. After application, the nail dehydrator will then create a light coat on top of your nail. This light coat will evaporate, but to be safe wait a minute to two minutes to allow it to fully dry before painting on a coat of nail polish. One coat of the nail dehydrator should suffice, two may dry your nails out, three would be too much. After the coat of the nail dehydrator is finished drying, proceed with putting on nail primer or nail polish that you would like. For more help on how to prep your nail with a nail dehydrator, click here!

How to Dehydrate Nails on a Budget

Not wanting to shell out the money to pay for a nail dehydrator? No fear! Thats totally okay because we have an extremely easy DIY for that! This DIY requires little preparation and supplies which it makes it super budget friendly. Here is what you will need:

  • A small bottle (about the size of a normal nail polish bottle)
  • A nail polish brush (to use later when putting it on your nails)
  • Acetone
  • Pure Isopropyl Alcohol

Chances are that you already have some of these simple ingredients in your home! If so, your homemade DIY dehydrated nail polish will not cost you anything. Yay! If you do not have these items laying around your house, you will have no problem finding them at the drug and grocery stores near you. Here are the instructions to making a nail dehydrator that is both easy and quality:

  1. Decide how many ounces of nail dehydrator you want to make. (ex.- 6 ounces total)
  2. Divide that number by 2 (6/2 =3 ounces)
  3. Put that much Acetone in the bottle (3 ounces)
  4. Add the same amount of Pure Isopropyl Alcohol (3 ounces)
  5. Stir

With just these  5 easy steps, you can create your own nail dehydrator at home that will save you money and be the same quality as those you find at nail salons! This easy DIY will change the health and vivacity of your nails, your nails will thank you!

White Nail Bed Dehydration

Your nail beds can tell you a lot about your health. For example, nails that are easily chipped can allude to a thyroid problem, blue nails can be caused by a respiratory or vascular problem, and pitted or rippled nails can be a sign of psoriasis and inflammatory arthritis. All of these nail changes hint at a health condition, including when the nail beds of someone’s fingers turn white. Nail beds do not turn white when using a nail dehydrator, so if you notice your nail beds becoming white, your should consult your doctor physician quickly. If they were always white, thats normal, but it is only if it was a sudden change to white that a doctor’s visit would be necessary.

White nail beds can be a sign of a bodily systemic problem like anemia, diabetes, lymphoma, kidney problems, etc.  Physiologically when nail beds turn white, it is because oxygen is not moving around the body proficiently. If you are diabetic and have white nail beds, click here for some tips for healthier looking nails! Another reason your nail beds may turn white alludes to a fungal infection. If you do not treat the fungal infection right away or seek help, you could lose the nail forever and the infection has the potential to spread anywhere throughout your body and anyone you come into contact with.

Nail beds that are not naturally white that suddenly turn white is not something to look past. If you notice this change in nail bed color schedule a doctor’s visit as soon as possible to help restore your health.

Is Nail Dehydration Bad for You?

Like many other things, there is such thing as too much of a good thing. In this case, using too much nail dehydration can dry out your nails causing them to chip easily. This is the exact opposite of what nail dehydrator is supposed to do. One coat or two coats of a nail dehydrator is nothing to worry about, but putting on three or more consecutive coats can cause serious damage.


So overall, the rule of thumb of using a nail dehydrator is that as long as you do not use your nail dehydrator as your sole nail polish, you should be fine. This seems like common sense, but it is likely to happen to someone out there. Nail dehydration is actually the total opposite of bad for you because of how it promotes healthy nails and long lasting benefits. If you are curious about what other lovely benefits that nail dehydrator offers your nails, listed below are some more of the awesome benefits that occur when using it correctly on your nails.


Benefits of Dehydrated Nails

Nail dehydrators are your best friend when it comes to pristine nails. There is a ton of benefits that are associated with nail dehydrators that many people rave about. Watch as this soon becomes the next hottest thing in beauty magazines everywhere. Here is why we love to promote and use nail dehydrators so much:

  • They help acrylic nails stick longer
  • Prevent painted nails from chipping (Click here for some more ideas!)
  • Smooths nail beds if placed on top of painted nails
  • Fills in ridges on nails
  • Evaporates quickly leaving nail dry

How did we ever live without using nail dehydrators before? Nail dehydrators are an underrated product that are not talked about as often as they should be because no one really know about them yet. By changing your nail routine to allow a minute to use a nail dehydrator, you will see that it produces stunning, long lasting nails that are not prone to chip. Instead of having beautiful nails for a couple of days, your polish will las a couple of weeks!