Specialists offer diabetic nail care tips for people diagnosed with diabetes to maintain their nails healthy. It is vital for people with diabetes to learn how to take care of their nails. Nails are important to protect your fingers and toes from trauma and injury. Unfortunately, people diagnosed with diabetes have decreased sensibility in their toes and fingers. Therefore, it is crucial for them to have healthy nails.

Your nails condition can indicate some health problems that you may experience. Healthy toenails and fingernails are supposed to be smooth, a little pink and slightly curved. If your nails do not have a healthy look, then this might indicate some health problems which should draw your attention. Diabetics tend to develop certain fungal infections known as onychomycosis.

This type of infection is the reason why about 50% of all nail infections appear. Onychomycosis causes the growth of brittle, thick nails which can develop sharp points, hurting the skin around. Small cuts which appear on toes and finger can constitute the perfect environment for bacteria. Therefore, this causes fungal infection to appear. To avoid developing fungal infections, all diabetics should learn how to take care of their nails properly.

If you leave a fungal infection untreated, this might develop into a gangrene or foot ulcers. Unfortunately, many diabetics lost part of a foot because of diabetic foot ulcers. In what follows, we will look at some useful tips regarding diabetic nail care.

diabetic nail care

Diabetic nail care tips help you maintain the health of your fingernails and toenails.

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Good hygiene

The best way to keep fungus away from your nails is to maintain good hygiene. If you keep your nails clean, then should not experience any unpleasant infections. Moreover, it is also important to dry your feet before putting on socks or shoes.

Be cautious when using a public shower

Every time you use a public shower facility, make sure you wear sandals, flip-flops or shoes. What is more, you should also consider wearing some sandals if you use a shower facility at a public pool.

Do not wear tight shoes

A diabetic person should make sure that they wear only comfortable shoes, avoiding tight sneakers or uncomfortable high-heel shoes. They should consider wearing synthetic socks to keep moisture away from the skin.

Do not use artificial nails

If your nails are damaged, consider not using artificial nails. This type of nails would only trap water underneath them. Therefore, the moisture environment will provide a suitable environment for the development of fungal infections.

Keep your nail care tools clean

Be careful when it comes to your nail care tools. You need to make sure that you sterilize them with alcohol before and after every use to keep germs away.

Diabetic nail care tips help people keep their nails healthy

Summing up, diabetics should use these diabetic nail care tips to maintain the integrity of their nails. When taking care of your nails, you should always pay attention to whether they are too white or pale. Nails which have a pale color may indicate anemia. If your nails look like the back of a spoon, this might suggest an infection or even a serious lung disease. Your nails could indicate the presence of other underlying illnesses.


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