How To Keep Nail Polish From Chipping


The main reason why your nail polish peels and chips rushed application. When applying the polish, allow each layer to dry before applying the next adequately. Once the base coat is dry, apply first polish followed by second and finally the top layer. Give the solvent in each polish two minutes, at least, to evaporate. If you can watch your nail for the entire two minutes period, you will see the polish change from a wet appearance to a dried-down, shiny look indicating the solvents are indeed gone. Applying the next coat before the layer is completely dry makes your polish to peel in sheets. Additionally, avoid too-thick application, and you’ll effectively keep your polish from chipping.

Best Way To Apply The Polish

Ordinarily, our nail polish chips because of the presence of excess gel on our natural nail, right in between the nail and the base coat. Consequently, it is crucial first to clean thoroughly clean the nail so as to remove all creams, lotions, and ointment. Pay particular attention to the cuticle and tip areas while cleaning the nail. If you carry out this procedure accurately and methodically, your polish will last for between seven and ten days, up from two to three days. Keep the coat out of the cuticle section. Apply a base coat, since it is specially made to be versatile and as such adheres better to your natural oil, followed by two coats of your preferred color polish. Finally, apply a good top coat. Choose wisely the topcoat; besides adding shine, the top layer is essential as it protects the others including the nail itself from wear. As you apply the top and base coat, it is recommended that you implement the polish on the tip of your nail the section you usually file. Get more tips on at home manicures, here.

Taking Care of the Polish Itself

Always use a fresh polish as opposed to one that is either too old or improperly thinned out. Such a finish is bound to break down faster than a fresher polish. How do you keep your polish fresher for a longer period? Ensure there is no coat on the cap and within the neck of the bottle because such a polish lets in the air into the bottle thereby thickening the polish more quickly.

Reasons Why Nail Polish Chips

1. Water

While water is great for our skin, it is terrible on our nails. Keep your nails entirely dry while you are applying your base coat. So, if your natural nail bed is wet, however, slight it may be, your basecoat and polish will not adhere well to your nails. When the coat fails to adhere to your natural nail, chances of the layer lifting off and peeling are high. It is more like building a structure on a crappy foundation and proceeding to put a straw roof right on it. After a manicure, avoid touching the water with your nails. You should, therefore, stay away from beach, pool, and any other situation that will get your nails wet for a few days. The more you expose your nails to water, the quicker your nails will peel, wear and chip.

2. Lack of Regular Maintenance From Day One

Do not apply polish to your nails, fail to maintain and expect that the coat will magically remain intact, without showing any sign of wear and tear. Avoid making your nails swell, especially before the nails are thoroughly dry. Even though the nail polish is primarily plastic, and as such is somewhat flexible, it is still vulnerable. Your nails continually expand and contract as you attend to everyday activities. With time, the polish will detach from your nail where it is always expanding and contracting. With regular maintenance, though, your coat will not disengage slowly, eventually on touching a piece of cloth it chips off around the area it loosened. Apply your polish routinely around the tip and down your nail starting the day you manicure.

Taking Care of Your Nail Polish

Keep your nails short

Short nails are less likely to chip fast because they do not come in contact with a lot of items every single day. For example, by keeping your nails short, any time you are typing your nails do not come into contact with computer keys

Avoid activities that damage your nails

If you can, avoid any activity you know will spoil your nails. Otherwise, protect them whenever you are taking part in a chore that ruins them. For instance, if you have to wash utensils, put on dishwashing gloves while cleaning.

Avoid biting your nails

Biting your nails destroys your nail polish instantly. While some people find it very hard to ditch the habit of biting fingernails, it holds the key to having a cute coat of nail polish for a considerable length of time. Start slowly and make a conscious effort to abandon the habit. By working hard at it, you will ultimately overcome and maintain a beautiful nail polish for several days.

Address any tiny chips you notice immediately

In as much as the sections you apply little bits of polish to fill up any emergent chips won’t be as smooth as the rest of the finish, it still helps a lot in preserving the nail polish from peeling off. You will be amazed how long your nail polish will lasts after such minor efforts. Note, however, that when there is widespread chipping it is better to simply take off the entire coat of polish with remover and apply a new layer. With proper care and maintenance, though, such an eventuality will only occur after several days.

Deal creatively with minor chips on the tip of your nails

Small chips occurring particularly on the tip can easily be dealt with by simply filing the nail down and applying a layer of topcoat, paying attention to the tip of the nail. Alternately, paint a thin layer of a different color of nail polish along the edge of your nail, creating a light French manicure. To create a striking coat, you need a stable hand; the outcome will, nonetheless, look lovely and intentional.

No Chip Nail Polish Brands

1. Revlon ColorStay

The gem’s pale pink color is simply gorgeous. The product range boasts of a total of 30 shades to choose from, all of which can be teamed with a similar plumbing top coat (sold separately). The formula is impressively creamy. Since a little of the gel goes a long way, apply sparingly initially. The square-tipped brush will cover your nails in a few swipes, and the outcome is glossier than your usual standard polish. It can last for a whole week without chipping, peeling or damaging in any way.

2. Smith & Cult

This brand can not only last through several swimming sessions, package opening, and dishwashing, but also maintain its glossy shine for days. Its on-trend shade choices coupled with beautiful packaging make the brand a worthy companion to users who travel a lot. It will show no sign of chipping for a better fraction of its entire duration.

3. Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen nail polish comes in forty-seven (47) colors and delivers the appearance of emollient without the prerequisite of a LED or UV light. It applies quite fast and as such you can leave it at a single coat, yet it doesn’t streak. Add a top coat, which is sold separately, and your talons will be dry in less than two minutes. The result is a vibrant mirror-like shine. After seven days, the coat spots hardly any chips. Awesome!

4. L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal nail polish is indeed a gem (each tube delivered with two bottles, one of which is a solid pigmented color while the other is a tinted topcoat). In addition to its twelve (12) shades that you can choose from, the polish has a broad brush that makes it a breeze to paint each nail within seconds. The anti chip brand is significantly opaque; you get an ample coverage even with a single coat. The most striking part of this product is its lasting power. After eight days we barely noticed any chips except on the tips of a few nails.

5. Deborah Lippmann

You may have to layer on many coats, up to three, to get it to a detectable level of opacity. Besides, the brand requires an extra-long time to dry completely. That, notwithstanding, this polish can last a commendable nine days without chipping. The brand, thus, is suitable for you if nine days of chip-free nail polish is all you need.

6. OPI

OPI has awesome reviews of their chipped resistant color selection. There are a lot of kits with different colors. This is my favorite brand for home manicures. Removing this brand is super easy without the use of a hardcore removal kit. The have a special line of non chip that really does work. The color selection of OPI is very wide and they all have super fun names!

Tips to Prevent Chipping

1. Prep Your Nails

Note that any ridges, pumps, or flaws on your nails have a potential of chipping your nail polish. So, remove any imperfection or old polish and shape, buffer and file your nails to ensure you are starting on a smooth foundation. Should you get the base wrong no matter how well you apply the other layers, the polish will peel off with a lot of ease. So, take your time to prep your nails well, and your polish will last for a long time.

2. Wash Your Hands Often

Any surplus oil on your fingernails can prevent polish from sticking to your nails, eventually leading to chipping. Have you noticed that each time you go to a local salon to have your fingers done, the person attending to you asks you first to wash your hand thoroughly before applying the polish? The person knows that our hands are full of fats, oils and all sorts of fragments that prevent the coat from adhering to your nails.

3. Apply a Chip-Proof Top Coat

Applying a base layer goes a long way in giving us a fabulous, long-lasting chip-free nails. It also prevents the polish from staining our nails, besides adhering to our nails far much better that regular polish. The top coat is, in most cases, made from a unique layer that sticks to other layers but not on items such as a towel, bare hands and any other surface likely to come into contact with it. If you are buying the coat, pay particular attention to it features; only settle for brands that expressly label their products “chip-proof.”

4. Dip Your Nails in Cold Water

To fasten the drying process, dip your nails in ice-cold water, and you will be amazed by the results. Low temperatures lower the coat’s temperature well below its boiling point making it solidify faster hence the drying. So, if you do not have enough time to wait for each coat dry through natural air circulation, this trick gives you a handy way to dry your nail polish quickly. Once your nails are sufficiently dry, wipe out the water before applying the next coat. Remember, except for the top layer, the presence of water will adversely affect how well your nail polish sticks to your nail.

5. Apply a Top Coat on a Daily Basis

Do you want to extend the life of your polish change significantly? Apply a top coat on a regular basis. Some top coats even make your nails appear as like you’ve just freshly painted! Luckily, the top paint tends to dry within seconds, meaning you won’t have to set aside a considerable duration of time every single day. Find the most suitable time to apply a fresh top coat every day, and your fingernails will last for weeks. Top coats serve to seal the polish and give your nails a shiny look to the manicure. They strengthen our nails and are our primary line of defense safeguarding against chips.


Keeping your Nail Polish from Chipping is not impossible. Apply your nail polish correctly following the procedure, adopt the tried and tested techniques, use the chips preventing tips and consider using the brands above and your finish will last for as long as you want. Only remember your nail polish, just like very many other procedures, require regular maintenance and a level of protection. Otherwise, nail peels, chips, and cracks need not trouble you.


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