Many people are scared of getting a pixie cut because they fear they won’t have any way of styling it. We’re here to tell you that is absolutely false, especially if you get a long pixie cut. There are countless ways in which you can rock a long pixie cut, and all of them are going to make your hair the center of attention. If you’ve always wanted to get a pixie cut, but you needed some styling ideas to motivate you, you’re going to enjoy the topic of today’s article. We’re going to present you with 4 awesome ways in which you can style your long pixie cut.

4 Cool Ways to Rock a Long Pixie Cut

1. Undercut Long Pixie Cut

One of the most interesting ways of styling a long pixie cut is making a daring undercut that highlights the long fringes. If you’re thinking a buzz cut is too much for you, remember that the long pixie cut will hide most of it, so it won’t look as drastic. Of course, if what you want is a drastic look, you can always get a buzz cut on both sides. Bring back the “business in the front, party in the back” saying and apply it to your pixie cut. We especially love the way this cut looks with the platinum hair, but feel free to choose any hair color you like.

blonde long pixie cut

2. Layered Pixie Cut

Who doesn’t love some nice layers? Pair them up with a long pixie cut and some asymmetrical bangs, and you’ve got yourself a really cool way of rocking a pixie cut. The choppy layering is definitely the star of this haircut, particularly due to the fact that it leaves the ears uncovered, forming a V-shaped cut around them. Go all in by combining this haircut with dark roots and platinum strands.

blonde pixie cut with dark roots

3. Wavy Pixie Cut

You don’t see a wavy pixie cut every day, that’s for sure. Most pixie cuts work best with straight hair, but this particular one looks amazing with some loose curls. As you can see in the image below, this haircut is feathered and layered, without being too exaggerated. The longer front fringe is the perfect length, and it’s what allows you to style this cut in multiple ways. For instance, you can secure it with a hair accessory, braid it, and so on.

pixie cut with a curly strand

4. Spiky Long Pixie Cut

If someone were to ask us to choose a picture that illustrates the term “adorkable”, this would probably be it. Maybe spikes don’t sound that adorable for some people. Still, when you combine them with a lovely blue-green hair color and a flower headband, they become much more accessible. Moreover, the spikes in the hairstyle below aren’t at all exaggerated. In fact, they’re quite soft and easy to style. All the more reason to get a long pixie cut and channel your inner hippie princess. If you love this blue Ombre, check out our 6 Blue Ombre Hair Ideas For A Really Special Look.

woman with a green long pixie cut

We hope these 4 long pixie cut hairstyles have convinced you that you should put your fears aside and dare to do something different with your hair this spring. For more ideas on short hair, check out these tutorials for short hair updos.

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