Just because you’re not Rapunzel that doesn’t mean there aren’t some gorgeous updos for short hair that you can get ready for the warm season with. If you’d like some variations to your hairstyles and to get a glowing look that’s on par with those of long tresses, keep reading to discover our favorite looks from some talented beauty gurus. Bonus: you also get to see some comprehensible tutorials to help you pursue these looks yourself.

Top 6 Updos for Short Hair

#1 Clean Woven and Tucked Updo for Short Hair

By: Style Me Pretty

This beautiful look is something you can achieve in only two minutes (albeit with a little bit of extra dexterity and practice). It’s perfect both for a stroll in the streets and any kind of formal event. In fact, try to imagine what a wedding would look like with this simple yet chic updo.

#2 French Twist & Half Updo for Short hair!

By: Kayley Melissa

French twists are very beautiful and, luckily, they’re not the kind of thing you can only do with long hair. This tutorial perfectly proves that and it shows you how to create an updo that won’t even give away the real length of your hair.

#3 Easy Short Hair Updo!

By: Camila Coehlo

But why would you even want to hide the length of your hair? This cutesy updo is a small and adorable ponytail with a twist (or rather several twists by each side of your head). Complexity in hairstyles is possible even for shorter hair lengths.

#4 Short Hair Tutorial Updo Less Than 5 Minutes

By: Milabu

Ever thought you could get a fancy braided updo even on short hair? It’s totally possible and this tutorial is one of our favorites. It takes you less than five minutes, but the final result will be that of a professional salon finish guaranteed to make heads turn all around you.

#5 Romantic Updo for Short Hair

By: Kin Community

Got a date or a big romantic night coming up ahead? Surprise your beloved with this easy, wavy, and completely lovable updo. The star of this styling process is a curling iron, coming into picture with the help of other small accessories. In other words, it’s a look that you can get without a considerable hassle!

#6 Super Simple Updo | Perfect for Long, Medium, AND Short Hair

By: Alex Gaboury

As the title suggests, this is a gorgeous universal look which you can achieve regardless of the length of your hair. So, if you choose to attempt it right now and happen to like it well enough, you can always revisit it if/when you decide to let your tresses grow a bit more.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, you should add all of these updos for short hair to your reference portfolio and start experimenting. From now on, as long as you are ready to attempt these styles, you will never have to get out of the house with the same old, same old ever again. Pixie cuts are also super cute this season! Novelty is possible despite the length ladies!!