There’s a world of benefits hidden in a few minutes of scalp massage. You don’t even have to go to a spa or massage salon to do it – you can massage your own scalp and reap all the health and beauty benefits that come with it. Not too many people can refuse a massage, seeing that one on the scalp can relax you, improve the health of your hair, and boost your mood.

To take it a step further, add some oils to the experience, such as coconut or olive oil. If you prefer not to get greasy or you have an appointment afterwards, skip the oils and simply enjoy the scalp massage as it is. Regardless of your preferences, here are five of the many benefits that come with this spa-worthy treatment. Looking for DIY scalp detoxes? Check out these awesome recipes. 

1. Increases Blood Circulation

Simply running your hands through your own hair promotes an increase in the blood flow. At the same time, hair follicles are much better nourished. Adding a hair oil while doing the massage can also ease the unpleasant, itchy feeling of a flaky scalp. Increased blood circulation can also add shine and flexibility to your hair, so double the bonus!

2. Reduces Stress

A scalp massage can also help relax the tension we accumulate in our neck and head. This can be a problem especially if you have a desk job, which requires a lot of sitting time. Many of us have tighten muscles in the neck, causing backaches, pinches, and migraines. Letting someone else perform a scalp massage on you allows you to calm down and loosen the tense muscles that hold the stress.

3. Promotes Restful Sleep

Are you suffering from insomnia? A scalp massage can provide relief, since experts have found a connection between scalp massage sessions and improvement in quality of sleep. Having regular massages can help you fall asleep quicker – and then stay asleep for the duration of the night. At the same time, a scalp massage can also give you energy if you’re always tired. (However, you should consult a doctor to see if you’re dealing with cronic fatigue.)

4. Relieves Headaches

It’s no surprise scalp massages can relieve tension headaches. To release someone’s headache, spend more time near the hairline and on the base of the skull. These two areas are often to blame for the accumulated tension. Massaging the forehead and temples can also improve someone’s mood, further relieving the tension headache. Some also believe a scalp massage can reduce the frequency of migraines.

5. Stimulates Hair Growth

As you’ve already read, scalp massages do much more than send you in an amazing state of bliss. A massage session can also prevent hair loss, as well as encourage hair growth. Due to the blood flow boost, the hair becomes stronger at the roots, thus reducing hair loss. Sending more blood to your hair follicles is particularly important, given that there are plenty of blood-carried nutrients that spur hair growth. This includes vitamin C, protein, iron, vitamin A, omega-3s, zinc, selenium, and more.

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