Ever thought that blue ombre hair might be that amazing and impactful look change you’ve been craving? Regardless of the current tendencies, there’s no denying that ombres have a chic yet modern appeal that will never truly go out of fashion. That being said, it’s never too late to embrace this style and make it even more daring by throwing in a splatter of blue. Scroll below to discover some gorgeous looks which will have you leaving the hair salon feeling like a proper superstar. For other ombre ideas, make sure to check out our- DIY Ombre Hair: How to Obtain the Effect at Home.

6 Blue Ombre Hair Ideas

#1 Short Teal

Short Teal


Teal is arguably one of the most beautiful shades of blue, so you can be certain that it will look stunning in an ombre. Because of its brightness, it works particularly well with darker hair colors. But the main thing here is that it’s a perfect fit for short styles which really need a color that pops out given the limited space.

#2 Long Hair Blue Tips

Long Blue Tips


If a lengthy ombre in a bright color is too bold for you (especially if it’s your first time attempting this look), try this style instead. It’s perfect for long-haired brunettes who want something a bit more subtle. In this case, slick strings of purple blend into the hair and finish into a gorgeously elegant blue at the tips.

#3 Grey Blue Ombre

Grey Blue Ombre


Speaking of subtlety, here’s another variant for those seeking to start out with something less flashy. Despite the exemplifying picture, it’s a style that actually looks really great on any hair length, although it definitely makes medium styles stand out. The special touch here stems from the slightly greyish shade of blue which blends the hue all the better into your natural hair.

#4 Icy Blue Long Curls

Long Icy Blue Curls


Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who can’t stop staring at this gorgeous look. If you have long, dark hair, it would be a real shame to not pursue this stunning ombre. It begins with raven roots, slowly melts into a dark blue, and finally finishes into an icy shade which can turn all heads as you strut down the street.

#5 Reverse Purple and Blue

Purple and Blue


For the really daring, try this stunning style which brings the blue shade to your roots rather than your tips. Instead, your dips will be dipped in a gorgeous purple color which perfectly blends in with the rest of the ombre.

#6 Pastel Bob

Pastel Ombre


It’s decided: pastels will never go out of trend and neither will bob haircuts. Blend the two together and then add the equally timeless ombre and you get the definition of modern hair trends. This stunning look brings together a soft, pastel purple which subtly blends into pastel blue hair tips. It’s a guaranteed head-turner!


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Wrapping Up

We bet just staring at these photos really made you crave that blue ombre hair now, huh? Even though they’re definitely gorgeous, they’re not easy to achieve, so make sure to carefully pick out your hair stylist. They need to have experience with this style for the ‘magic’ to work.