Say what you will, ombre hair is too aesthetically pleasing to look at for it to be a dying trend. And thanks to its popularity, it now officially has no secrets left. Thus, a DIY ombre hair is now easier to achieve than ever. Make the change you’re craving and start preparing your dyeing kit; it’s time to ombre it up. Want to make a statement with your Ombre?​

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​DIY Ombre Hair: A Step-by-Step Guide


Before really getting started, here are a few general directions to keep in mind.

  • ​Going lighter is damaging to your hair, we all know that. So, if you can help it, choose dyes that are natural and no further than two shades lighter than your current color.
  • ​You can opt for a traditional ombre (darker roots and lighter tips) or a reverse one (lighter roots and darker tips).
  • ​When bleaching, 20 minutes will be enough for a subtler change. Alternatively, try 40-45 minutes until you bypass “the orange phase.”

​STEP #1: Preparing

Prepare for your DIY ombre hair by deciding where you want your two shades to clash. Be careful, the higher that happens, the bigger the chances of it looking less like an ombre and more like untreated roots.

Brush your hair thoroughly; you don’t want it tangled.

Protect your fine clothes by swapping them with an old, rugged T-shirt that won’t mind a few bleach and dye stains on it.

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​STEP #2: Bleaching

This is the part where you get to bleaching, which is arguably the most delicate step on the path to your DIY ombre hair. Because of its sensitive nature, we recommend reading an intricate guide which enlists all of the crucial details you need to know when attempting to get luscious white locks.

In short, for the bleaching process you will need to:

  1. 1​Section your hair in the middle and then split it in smaller bits.
  2. 2​Apply the bleach with a brush or other suitable tool on each section, starting from the tips and working up to the line of the ombre. Make sure to coat each strand properly!
  3. 3​Leave the bleach to rest for any time between 10 and 45 minutes, depending on how light you want your shade. Check the hue by removing the bleach off one strand.
  4. 4​Wash your hair thoroughly. You don’t want to accidentally leave any traces of bleach in since this will only keep lightening your strands.

​STEP #3: Dyeing

First things first, let your hair to dry completely, preferably naturally. Then, proceed with the dye for your ombre. Follow all of the steps that you underwent when bleaching your hair. The main differences are:

  • ​How long you need to let your color set depends on the instructions on the dye box.
  • ​At the end, treat your hair with a deeply moisturizing conditioner to help it recover from the damage of bleaching.

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​Wrapping Up

If you follow all of these steps, you should achieve your desired DIY ombre hair without many complications. The biggest complication could be you not liking the shade, but that’s just personal taste. Remember to research and take plenty of precaution measures.