Many women think that short hair is not versatile enough for them to play with different hairstyles. Once you cut your hair short, it will look the same every day. We beg to differ. You can get inspired and recreate plenty of cute easy hairstyles for short hair. For instance, dying your hair or highlighting it in gorgeous strands is just one of many amazing cute hairstyles for short hair you can try. Let us see today nine cute easy hairstyles for short hair you will love this season!

​1. A Layered Bob Hairstyle with Colored Highlights

As you probably know, a layered bob cut works miracles for short thin hair as it gives the hair volume, texture, and attitude. Getting a bob haircut is not that hard. The challenging part comes when you need to get those gorgeous Missy Elliot highlights at home. It is not impossible, however, if you follow these next tips and tricks:

  • ​Choose a highlight kit for your present hair color ( a kit that says “for brown hair” for instance)
  • ​Always begin with the strand test; even if you want to dye your hair at home or just get some cute highlights, the strand test is mandatory.
  • ​Part your hair as you normally do, so you can clearly see which strands are framing your face (if any).
  • ​If you do not like the spatula coming together with your highlighter kit, use an adult toothbrush for the front strands and a baby toothbrush for the back; if you want thin strands use a paintbrush in one-inch to quarter-inch size.
  • ​Keep your strands away from the scalp and paint them from roots to ends with care.
  • ​Let the strands dry according to the strand test results
  • ​Rinse each section well, shampoo your hair, and use some deep conditioner, as temporary or permanent dye can make your hair feel dry and brittle.

​2. The Bob with the Braided Ombré Twist

If you are still looking for cute short hairstyles for fine hair, we have one that we loved the second we saw it. The bob cut with the braided twist and, la crème de la crème, the ombré highlights is all the rage right now. In case you did not know, ombré hair is quite in fashion, taking over everything: hair, nails, makeup, even clothes.  Are you ready to get an amazing fresh new look this season?

  • ​Get a longer hair strand on your bob’s side and make a simple three way braid; if you want to turn this cute casual hairstyle into a sophisticated work of art, look at these five hair braiding tutorials offered by professional hairstylists.
  • ​Pin the braid on the side with an inconspicuous hairpin and go to the office or rock that party like a superstar!

​ 3. The Bob Style-up for Curly Hair

If you have thick curly hair, you can achieve cute short hairstyles for fine hair with little to no effort. If you have long hair, you have plenty of cute hairstyles for curly hair choices. Nevertheless, if you go for a short cut, there is nothing like the bob for curly hair. The best part is you can style it up in seconds if you want to attend a party or a special occasion.

  • ​Add volume, texture, and a bit of wilderness to your curly bob with a hair defining cream, a hair mousse and some hairspray.

​4. The Versatile Edgy Short Undercut

This short and stylish undercut is perfect for women with an attitude. The sides are well cut and faded, while the crown is rich and lengthy. One of the most amazing features of this cut is that it sports a platinum blonde. The color is both stylish and bold, and it works miracles on young women. There are plenty of ways to get many cute easy hairstyles for short hair starting from this only type of cut:

  • ​Comb the hair back and use some mousse and hairspray to keep the crown voluminous and steady all day long.
  • ​You can comb the hair on one side to get a faux Mohawk and look both fierce and trendy.
  • ​You can try to braid a few thin strands for a playful, girly look.

​If you want more sources of inspiration on edgy short haircuts for women, look at our ultimate list of bold cuts suggestions for 2017.

​5. A Pixie Haircut for the Ages

Miley Cyrus took the world by surprise many times and in many different ways. But if one thing never changed about her, that was her spectacular way of sporting a pixie cut. The magic of the pixie cut, besides being a leader of all cute easy hairstyles for short hair, is that it can look amazing on virtually anyone.

  • ​Pixie cuts are quite versatile, so you can ask your stylist for a classic short chop or even a shorter chop with tapered and fading sides.
  • ​In order to style such a short haircut, use your fingers and a defining hair cream or mousse; do not forget about the hairspray to preserve your hairstyle from your 9 a.m. office meeting to your 9 p.m. party with friends.

​If you want more ideas on cute easy hairstyles for short hair, check out our top picks for short hairstyles that look good on everyone!

​6. The Taper Fade Side Disconnected Pixie Undercut

If you want everything in between the very bold and the very beautiful, this is the haircut for you! It speaks about personality, attitude, sophisticated femininity, and a very interesting view on the world. The name of the cut may be long, but the essence is simple: get a pixie and three faded tapered undercuts that look like tattoos. The front of the cut covers half your face in a feminine, mysterious look, while the disconnected stripes on the side add that edgy flair you were always looking for.

  • ​Get this cut and dye your hair black for the best results; this particular cut looks amazing on darker hair colors.
  • ​You can also think about this haircut if you want to pull off one of the best short hairstyles for frizzy hair.

​7. The French Twist and Half Updo for Short Hair

Updos for short hair? Impossible, you may say! Well, for a tapered disconnected pixie cut, an updo may be impossible. However, it is not impossible for women whose hair is short but long enough to reach their earlobes (or neck). The beauty of this hairstyle is that it does not reveal how long or short your hair is. Many cute updos for short hair can hide the real hair length or to emphasize on it.

  • ​Bump the top hair and pick a sizeable hair strand to hold back (you can tease the crown a little for volume with your fingers)
  • ​Twist the tail at your back at the desired volume and hold it in place with a hairpin
  • ​Take a thick strand of hair from one side (temple and above the ear) and fix it with a bobby pin on the back, near the twisted tail
  • ​Repeat with all hair strands on the same side until you reach the base of your neck; secure the strands with bobby pins; make sure your strands are almost equal in thickness and pinned on the median line of your head near the twisted tail.
  • ​Repeat the same process with the hair strands on the other side of your head, but make sure these strands cover the bobby pins you used.

​If you find this a little hard to achieve, do not worry! Speaking of cute easy hairstyles for short hair, we have the French Twist short hair updo tutorial (together with five more easy updos for short hair)!

​8. The Cornrow Hairstyle

One of the most popular short hairstyles for ethnic hair, the cornrow is among the most versatile protective short haircuts for women. Protective short hairstyles work best for women who do not want to spend too much time styling their hair. They also work great if you want an everyday hairstyle that requires little to no products or styling processes in order to help your hair regenerate.

  • ​Ask your hairdresser to offer you this amazing hairstyle in the cornrow thickness you desire (you can opt for thinner or thicker ones).
  • ​Wear a scarf at night to protect the cornrows.
  • ​When you wash your hair, do it gently to protect the shape and looks of your cornrows.
  • ​Keep your hair properly moisturized to eliminate the need of hair maintenance on an everyday basis.

​If you are interested in more information on protective hairstyles to preserve and regenerate your hare, look at our top choices of protective hairstyles for short natural hair!

​9. The Faded Side Buzz Ladyhawk

Many women can rock a pixie cut, but not all women can truly rock a Ladyhawk! This is a bold hairstyle to say the least. It comes in two colors that blend in perfectly. It will not do much to help you get some future fancy updos for short hair, but it will definitely make you stand out of the crowd! The Ladyhawk, just like the Mohawk, is experimental and relatively drastic.

  • ​Ask your stylist complete buzz cut on the sides of the head and down to the nape.
  • ​Make sure your stylist pulls up the hair at the center into a long, clean-cut, beautiful spike.
  • ​Do not forget about disconnected lines across the length of the side of the head to achieve a tattoo-looking design.
  • ​If you want a monochrome hair scheme that is just fine, but for amazing results try a bi-color scheme, with darker hair on the back and sides and lighter hair on the front.

​Some people might call this hairstyle a long pixie cut, but it is more than that. Nevertheless, if you want some inspiration on long pixie cuts you can look at our favorite four ways to rock a long pixie!

Do you have other cute easy hairstyles for short hair you would like to try? Tell us about them! What is your personal favorite on this list?

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