You’ve heard of ‘sushi face’ and ‘carb face.’ It’s time for ‘sugar face’ to hit the spotlight, and it’s exactly what you think it is. Wondering why runway models are on a no-sugar diet? Today we give you the inside scoop on why you should probably skip that slice of cake.

The term sugar face has been appearing here and there in beauty vernacular for some time now. If you ignored it until now, let us catch you up on this phenomenon you might be experiencing without even knowing. Saying no to sugar for a few weeks (however sad that may sound) could have a rather positive effect on the overall appearance of your skin.

Brighter Complexion

When you skip the sugary drinks, the guilty treats, and the birthday cakes served in the office, something close to miraculous happens to your skin. The fine lines on your forehead will appear less pronounced, your skin will glow, and you will save on under-eye concealer. But don’t take our word for it. While you might think it’s all in our heads, several dermatologists concurred.

If you’re not convinced cake can make you look old, all you have to do is pick up a anti-aging book. Many of the distinguished dermatologists out there have featured at least one chapter devoted to the pitfalls of glycation (the sugar’s effect on the skin). Dr. Frank Lipman, a holistic doctor and the author of the book “10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat,” is one of the best references if you want to read more about sugar’s toxicity. Meanwhile, famous Dr. Frederic Brandt once said you could look younger by ten years if you followed a no-sugar diet.

According to Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist to Hollywood celebrities, explains it boils down to sugar breaking down collagen, the substance that helps you skin stay plump, youthful, and glowing. In a nutshell, sugar is a signal scrambler, affecting the production of collagen. As if that wasn’t enough, it also makes more testosterone. In turn, testosterone makes skin oilier and pores larger. Yikes.

sugar face

Watch out for Fruit

If sugar is so bad for you, surely you can simply replace it with fruit, right? Well, Dr. Lancer tells us we also need to be careful of ‘sugary’ fruits and vegetables. Processed sugars – like those found in store-bought treats – are definitely the worst, but you shouldn’t try to overcompensate with fruit. Watermelon and cantaloupe are rather high on the glycemic index, as well as beets and carrots. There’s no restriction on apples, blueberries, blackberries, and kiwi, however.

In related news, you should also reduce the number of red wine glasses. Too much alcohol will dehydrate you and cause capillaries to dilate. As a result, the dark circles under your eyes will be more accentuated, giving you ‘wine face.’ If you’re convinced you should give up cookies to improve your skin, you should expect to notice the effects within 72 to 96 hours. A drastic change in sugar intake will make you feel better, while your skin will thrive. Eye circles will also be reduced.

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