Ladies are now braiding their eyebrows, and we need to find out how we feel about that. Yes, you read it well. The latest trend to emerge from the world of beauty, style, and Instagram is braided eyebrows. Forget wavy brows. They are already so last month. Literally. Now it’s all about braiding them. So, let’s see how to do them, and if we like them or not.

The first thing you need to understand is how braided eyebrows work. There has been a bit of confusion online since the trend emerged only a few weeks ago. Therefore, if you do a quick Google search, you’ll notice a lot of lovely ladies with all sorts of braids and dreads hanging from their brows and curtaining their face. It’s not about that.

The braided eyebrows trend asks you to replicate a plait pattern on your brow by drawing it on with your tool of choice. Therefore, you don’t have to actually braid the hair in your brows or add extensions to them. Glad we got that thing cleared up!

​How to Create Braided Eyebrows

Even though they look intricate, the process of creating them is really very simple. All you need is an eyebrow pencil and some gel. Take your favorite pencil and simply draw crisscross lines all the length of the eyebrow. Fill them in and try to give them a bit of a 3D appearance so that they look as if the hair was truly braided and not drawn like a cartoon. Next, smear everything with eyebrow gel so that you can make sure the pencil stays in place and doesn’t run down your face.

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You’ll also be happy to find out that ladies all over took the trend quite a few steps further. This means that we’ve already seen glittery braided eyebrows, with all sorts of sparkly shades of glitter added to the brow, and unicorn braided eyebrows. That’s when you use different colored pencils and get a rainbow brow.

You can also use a single solid block of color and get a green, blue, orange or rose gold eyebrow if you want. There are also blonde braided eyebrows and pierced braided eyebrows.

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​How Did the Internet Take It?

Well, in all fairness, the online world didn’t really warm up to this particular trend. If we were to compare it with the wavy brows, Instagram was much more open to those then to braided brows. Most people seem to think this is a joke and actually asked the trend to stop. A lot of heavy, but funny words were thrown around, such as ‘harbingers of the apocalypse’, ‘insane,’ ‘absurd,’ and so on. You get the picture.

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We leave you with this one thought. You need to know that most of the pictures you see online of these so-called braided eyebrows are clearly Photoshopped. This ultimately means that ladies are not actually taking the trend extremely seriously if they are not willing to draw it on their faces as they should. Think about that before you start ‘braiding’ your eyebrows.

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