By using some household ingredients, you can learn how to get tartar off teeth at home. We all know that plaque is one of our teeth greatest enemies, causing spots on their surface. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria which builds up on crowns, tongue, gums, teeth and dental fillings. Sometimes more layers of plaque combine with the minerals in your saliva transforming into a white calcified substance known as tartar.

Specialists indicate that the most common factors that contribute to the formation of plaque are poor food choices, bad brushing technique, lack of professional care and improper oral hygiene. If you want to learn how to get tartar off teeth at home, take a look at these suggestions.

Coconut oil

Oil pulling is an old practice that supports oral health by removing plaque from teeth.  You could use extra-virgin coconut oil to do oil pulling. This oil contains high amounts of lauric acid which is known for its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects. Studies show that oil pulling with coconut oil is effective in removing the buildup of tartar and plaque.

How to use it

  • Take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes;
  • Spit it out;
  • Brush your teeth.

Baking soda

This is a great remedy, helping you get off tartar without a dentist. Baking soda is a popular ingredient in everybody’s homes. It is known for neutralizing acids in the mouth, reducing harmful bacteria. Furthermore, it can also be used as a whitening treatment for your teeth.

How to use it

  • Option 1: Put a small amount of baking soda on your toothbrush. Brush your teeth and then rinse with lukewarm water.
  • Option 2: Mix 2 teaspoons of baking soda with a teaspoon of salt. Put a small amount of the mixture on your wet toothbrush and gently brush your teeth with it.
  • Option 3: Mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with some hydrogen peroxide to obtain a paste. Brush your gums and teeth.
White teeth

Learning how to get tartar off teeth at home can help get rid of bacteria in your mouth.

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Aloe Vera

This plant fights against gum affections determined by tartar and plaque. It is responsible for killing the bacteria causing the buildup of plaque because it is an antimicrobial.

How to use it

  • Extract the pulp from an aloe vera leaf;
  • Rub the pulp on gum line and teeth;
  • Leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse your mouth with cold water.


Ground cloves are very popular when it comes to alleviating toothaches. It is also known to kill bacteria in your mouth which develop the buildup of tartar and plaque.

How to use it

  • Mix a little olive oil with a teaspoon of powdered cloves. Apply the mixture on your teeth and let it on for a few minutes. Then, rinse it off using lukewarm water.
  • Chew one or two cloves to reduce bad breath caused by the bacteria in your mouth.

Summing up

Learning how to get tartar off teeth at home can be pretty easy if you choose one of these home remedies. When you decide which one is the best for you, make sure you stick to it and use it on a regular basis. Moreover, you should upgrade your oral care routine, implementing one of these techniques.

Image Source: Juicing for Health