Every woman’s dream is to know how to make nail polish last longer, without the need for a regular redo of the entire manicure. This is especially complicated when you have used an intricate pattern which takes up a lot of time. Redoing your manicure every time a single nail is chipping is a nightmare. Furthermore, going to a salon on a regular basis can be pretty expensive.

Solutions on how to make nail polish last longer

Even if we wish certain manicures and nail art patterns last forever, they won’t. If you have a non-gel manicure and you are pretty clumsy, it might chip from the very first day. Our everyday activities damage our nails. Let’s see what we can do to make it stay on longer and not chip.

Use isopropyl alcohol

When you go to a nail salon, you will see that your nail technician does this every time before applying nail polish on your nails. Therefore, you must try this at home, too. If you use isopropyl alcohol, you will eliminate dirt or oil off of your nails, preventing your nail polish from adhering off the nails.

As an alternative to isopropyl alcohol, you can always use nail polish remover and vinegar that will work in the same way.

Cuticle care

If you want to make sure your manicure will last as long as possible, you need to take good care of your cuticles. Push them back and then remove them before you start applying nail polish. After you finish your manicure, you should use a Q-tip to remove the excess polish that accidentally got on your skin.

Applying red nail polish

Knowing how to make nail polish last longer can help you protect your nails and have a beautiful manicure.

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Buffing the nails

Nails have small ridges on the surface. Some of us may have more prominent ones, and these ridges cause the nail polish to crack. Make sure you always buff your nails before starting to paint them. Buffing in one direction might be more helpful, smoothing the surface of your nails. Now your nails are ready for applying your favorite nail polish.

Use only one brand of products

Your nail products will offer the best results if you use a single brand. It is recommended to use products from the same brand because they usually test their products together. Therefore, if you use a base coat from a brand and a nail polish from another one, you might not be happy with the results.

Use topcoat

If you apply a topcoat on your manicure every day, you will prolong its life. You can always try to apply a nail treatment instead of a topcoat. This will also work wonders.

Cap your nail tips

Every time you apply nail polish, you should think about capping the tips of your nails. You are typing on keyboards and texting every day. Therefore, these activities can trigger your nails to chip faster. Apply a horizontal swipe of nail polish over the edge to secure your manicure and protect your nails.

Gathering our brushes

These suggestions can teach you how to make nail polish last longer, protecting them and avoiding chipping. Make sure you use quality products from the same brand to get the wanted results.

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