Are you looking for a way to accessorize your outfit? What if I told you there is a better way to make a statement and stand out from the crowd? You can do this by finding a unique way to embellish your manicure. There are plenty of gel nail designs you can choose from, some of which you can even do at home.

5 Gel Nail Designs to Try at Home

Glitter Effect

glitter nail polish design, gel nail polish designs

To obtain a great glitter effect on your nails you should try one of the following techniques:

  • Combine glitter with nail gel and apply it on your nails. After it has dried, you should add a protective clear coat. This way, your gel nail designs will last longer, and your nails will not chip.
  • Apply gel on your nails, as you usually do. Immediately after that, dust your manicure with glitter and let your nails dry. The final touch is applying a top coat.

Reversed French Manicure

reversed french manicure, gel nail polish designs

For this model, you have to select two complementary gel colors. For example, you can go with red and white or black and white, or even dark blue and some other brighter shade. Apply a clear base coat as a protection measure, then stick a French manicure strip on each of your nails. After applying the first layer of gel, let it dry, and then, remove all the stickers. Paint your nails’ tips with the brighter shade. Last, but not least, apply a protective coat, if necessary.

Original Patterns

original and creative patterns, gel nail designs

If you have tried to make perfect patterns on all the nails using normal polish, you probably know how difficult it is to obtain a great symmetry. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Instead of using normal nail polish, try gel technique. You will create true works of art quicker and better. Simply attach a pattern made of plastic or paper to your nails. Then, apply a thin layer of gel and create the perfect manicure.

Summer Vibes

nails with summer vibes, gel nail designs

There are plenty of gel nail designs you can play with. One that suggest summer can be created using bright and vibrant colors such as green, red, pink, orange, and more. UV gel nails are a great way to create a cool and fresh manicure without damaging your nails. They will even become stronger, and you can draw whatever you want on them after they have dried. Lemon Sunshine or Exotic Sunset are perfect examples of gel nail designs inspired by summer.

Retro Punk

retro punk nails, gel nail designs

Are you more of a rebel person? Then, you should try a retro punk model, like women used to wear in the 1980s. Don’t be afraid to use powerful colors such as bright pink or blue, combined with animal prints and darker shades. This is one of the most popular gel nail designs of the disco era, which has made a strong comeback. However, it is true this is also one of the most difficult manicure types. You need precision and patience to create an accurate design.

Final Words

Be brave and original. Try different gel nail designs until you find the right one that best suits your preferences. You can even play with multiple manicure types, to match them with different outfits. There are plenty of choices out there. The only thing you should be careful to is learning how to apply the polish correctly. Otherwise, you might make a mess and ruin your manicure.

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