More and more women replace classic beauty products with natural make up brands. Even though some say these are not as good as the standard ones that contain chemicals, natural beauty products have the same effect and impact on enhancing your features. This is a real evolution in the cosmetic industry. Women can stop worrying about the side effects that normal makeup can have on their skin.

Top 5 Best Natural Make Up Brands

natural make up brands and organic beauty products

Vapour Organic Beauty

This is one of the most popular natural make up brands, presenting chic products. Vapour Organic focuses on developing a top-notch line of completely natural beauty items. All their formulas contain at least 70 percent natural ingredients. If you are searching for organic makeup, this brand is the right one for you. The company provides a wide range of things, from moisturizing blushes to rich eyeliners. Their lip glosses give you a shiny look without sticking to your lips. Also, they offer great products that contain hydrating botanicals.

Pure & True

Pure & True is a great choice when it comes to natural make up brands. These cosmetic products represent high-quality and luxurious cosmetics. Moreover, they promise to offer unique makeup items which are truly beneficial for your skin. The company succeeds in creating organic beauty. Michelle Garcia, who is the founder and president of Pure & True, stated that she wanted to offer women a healthier choice, and limit skin exposure to chemicals. An interesting, cool fact about this company is that it is an active charity donor. Some of their profits go to non-profit organizations, to support good causes.

Bare Minerals

This is one of the greatest natural make up brands, being fun and offering a fresh look. Furthermore, the company provides organic products, which gives a perfect coverage as well as an even pigmentation. If you have problems with acne, these products are a perfect choice. They don’t clog your pores as much as other cosmetic brands. Bare Minerals has gained a lot of popularity all over the globe. No matter what you look for, you will find everything here, from foundations to organic eyeliners and lip balms.

RMS Beauty

Rose-Marie Swift is the founder of RMS Beauty company. She is a popular celebrity makeup artist. RMS Beauty is one of the most appreciated natural make up brands by all models and beauty editors. The brand’s representatives say their products are good and healthy enough to eat. They use only organic ingredients, and their manufacturing process doesn’t include heat. This way, all the products stay raw, which is a lot more beneficial for the clients’ skin. Among this brand’s popular products there are the following: metallic cream shadows which hydrate your eye area, and the Living Luminizer which provides an iridescent skin.

Afterglow Cosmetics

This is among the best natural make up brands, being great at combining high-fashion glam with organic products. They use mineral ingredients as well as organically infused colors. Therefore, it is a top-notch makeup brand which offers its clients everything they need. What is so great about this brand is the fact that all its cosmetic items don’t have the following ingredients that might damage your skin: preservatives, artificial perfumes, and synthetic dyes. Their most popular product is the Organic Infused Aloe Concealer.

Let’s Recap

Instead of using the standard beauty products that are filled with toxic chemicals, you should choose natural make up brands. The ones described above are among the best and most popular brands on the market. Give them a try and see how good your skin feels after that. When it comes to your health and beauty, you should never compromise.

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