Skin rashes are those red patches on your body that sometimes even itch. Some of them are caused by simple factors such as food allergies, but others may be more severe or even life threatening. There are plenty of reasons that make these unusual skin rashes appear. From bacteria and fungus to trauma, medications and even stress, all of these can affect your health.

5 Unusual Skin Rashes You Should Aware Of

strange skin conditions

Morgellons Disease

This strange condition causes unusual skin rashes, but nobody seems to know the real reasons behind it. Even for doctors, this disease remains a mystery. All the patients have experienced similar symptoms such as skin lesions, sores and rashes, and different sensations like stinging, biting or crawling. Sometimes, this disease makes the person who suffers from it to be mentally confused. This is why doctors recommend seeing both a dermatologist and a psychiatrist.

Herpes Zoster

In this case, the unusual skin rashes appear in the form of vesicles. At first, these signs are clear but with time they become crusty, cloudy or even ruptured. There are cases in which these rashes are accompanied by pain which may remain for years. Doctors refer to this post-traumatic pain as post-herpetic neuralgia. Most medics give their patients antiviral agents, especially right after the diseases appears. As a prevention method, you can choose to vaccinate. This is a good way to make sure you stay healthy, especially after turning 60 years old.

Erythropoietic Protoporphyria

The main symptom of this skin condition is the burning sensation. Secondary symptoms are redness and swelling. All patients present a high sensitivity to light. If you suffer from this disease, you should always wear protective clothes, especially when you are in direct sunlight. Among the most common treatments, there are the following: sedatives, pain medications, beta-carotene supplements, glucose and fluids that boost the body’s level of carbohydrates.


Even though this condition causes superficial dermal infection, as a patient, you will still have to deal with unusual skin rashes. They can be both inflammatory and non-inflammatory. There are multiple types of tinea, depending on the body area they appear on like the following ones: tinea corporis for the body, tinea pedis for the feet, tinea capitis for your head area, and finally tinea cruris for the groin. Dermatophytes cause tinea; they inhabit certain areas of your skin such as warm and moist parts. It is quite contagious because it spreads by skin contact.

Blau Syndrome

This is a rare condition that causes the appearance of unusual skin rashes as well as arthritis and eye swelling. It is a severe disease that can cause irreversible finger bending. Most patients also have fluids in their joints. Genetic mutations are the main factor for this condition’s appearance. Although doctors cannot cure Blau Syndrome, they treat patients with immunosuppressant medication in order to decrease the symptoms’ impact.

Let’s Recap

Different factors such as bacteria, viruses, stress, and even genetic mutations are the ones that cause a wide range of unusual skin rashes. Not all of these conditions can be cured. In some cases, patients must live all their life with the disease. In those cases, doctors try to alleviate the symptoms. It is good to know about these skin conditions so that you can spot them right from the start and increase the chances of being cured.

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