Now that summer is here, it’s time for some pretty, colorful and fresh nail designs for the toes too! It’s true that the fingernails might get all the attention during every season, but just for the summer, your toes deserve to be spoiled too. Summer it’s a time for flip-flops, sandals or any other kind of shoe that lets your foot breathe and your toes be seen. And what an easier way to make them stand out than to go for a very summery design? In this article we will show you some beautiful and easy to do summer nail designs for toes that you can flaunt this season.
It’s important to note that these designs look absolutely amazing on any toe nail and on any skin tone. And seeing how it can be difficult to choose from such a wide variety of designs, we have chosen some of the prettiest ones that you can recreate or adapt according to your preference. They can even act as inspiration to make your own toe design for the summer and blow everyone’s minds. Here are some of the prettiest summer nail designs for toes that you can try right now! Here we go!

1. Aqua sparkle

This summer nail art design for your toes is one of the prettiest and easiest that you can do. You only need a blue nail polish, and you can choose whatever shade you like. Paint all of your toe nails and then, apply some glitter on the nail of your big toe. You can choose any kind of glitter, with smaller or bigger particles, and you can apply it with a brush or any other tool that might help you. After making sure that your glitter is stuck on to the nail, apply a glossy top coat over it. This look is very ocean-inspired and might even make your toes look like a mermaid that turned into a human.

2. Geometric designs

This second look is a more minimalistic and geometric one, with beautiful designs and not so much color. Here, every toe nail will be painted differently and it’s up to you to play with shapes and colors. Your big toe nail should be in black and white, and you can do everything from stripes to circles or split it into two sections. The nail that follows should have one single color, a dark blue, or a yellow, preferably. The next toe nail should again be in black and white and so on. Again, you can choose any geometric designs and shapes that you want. After finishing painting the toes, apply a glossy top coat.

3. Floral design

Finally, summer is not complete without a floral nail design. Choose a beautiful color, preferably a shade of red or a burgundy like in the photo, and only paint two or three of your toe nails. Leave the rest for the floral design that you can apply directly or paint on. Play around with this design and you might just end up with an incredible look for your toes for the summer.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about our ideas for summer nail designs for toes? Are you going to try and recreate them? If yes, show us your results in the comment section down below!
Image source: pxhere