Life is becoming quite busy and we rarely take out some time for ourselves, and that surely is not a healthy habit. Our mind and body demand so much from us which we usually ignore and finally end up with an obsessed body and exhausted mind. Generally, people inquire about what food chart they should follow to keep their body fit and smart. But the most important thing which we often avoid is doing workouts regularly or at least few times a week. Some people feel it impossible to add exercises to their daily routine due to their tough schedule because commonly, it is assumed that going to the gym is important if you want to carry on your workout routine but honestly stating, this is totally wrong. We have collected a list of exercises which you can easily do at your home. Never think that it is too late to build up a fit and strong body, when you realize you should, is the right time to take a start. You can put only 10-20 minutes a day in that and after a week or two, you will start feeling a difference in your physical and mental health.

Jump Squats:

Its always good to warm up your body with jump squats. You do not need anything even dumbbells, just squat down in a sitting position and push your body to stand up by jumping with force. Landing back on your feet and lowering your body to squatting position again makes a set and you have to repeat that process for at least 30 seconds. Obviously, you need to balance your body, holding your fists tight in front of you will make it possible for you to maintain a good balance.

Hip Extension:

This specific exercise works like magic to strengthen your back, shoulders, legs and lower back. Its basic purpose is to improve how your body balances at one foot while stretching your hip. Take position by standing straight with dumbbells in your hands. Now take your right back a little backward and place your toe (right foot) on the floor. Make a balance and slightly stretch your leg backward while keeping your left foot firmly clutched to the ground. Extend your right leg as much as you can while leaning your body downward and making a T shape with your chest facing the floor and your shoulders (arms) stretched outward. Keep your head straight. Now come back to the starting position and repeat the same process with each leg for at least 10 times.



The Plank:

Another simple exercise which is really beneficial to trim your abdomen muscles and the best thing about this one is that you do not need anything to perform this. Not even dumbbells. Just lay straight to the ground with your face facing the ground. Put your elbows on the ground and lift your body up with your elbows’ support. Make sure to keep your body straight from head to ankle. Now the main thing which you have to do it to pull your belly muscles inside with full force, as much as you can and hold it for at least one minute. Release them slowly after that and come back to the starting position. Repeat this process again for five times and you will feel a good change in your belly shape.


Hip Bridge:

Another exercise which is done empty handed and it makes your hips and abdomen muscles strong and makes your body fit and smart. Lay down on the floor keeping your toes to the ground. You have to distribute your body weight to your upper and lower portion while lifting your middle body (abdominal area) up from the ground. While you lift up hips, your belly muscles tighten and all of the pressure is thrown to your toes and upper body. Make sure that your feet are placed firmly and in a balanced position to hold your body for a good 30 seconds time. This exercise can be done on your own without taking any help from your instructor.


This exercise is a bit tricky and needs lots of strength to hold at first. Lie straight on the ground. You can use a rolled up towel under your back to make sure that your back is not hurt. Stretch your arms upside firmly, lift your legs joining your feet and lift arms and legs together making a slant U position. Try to hold this for 3 seconds and then release. You have to do lots of practice to reach that point where you are able to touch your toes with your fingers above your body. This exercise is miraculous to increase the flexibility of your body.

All of these exercises can be done at home easily and it will take only 20-30 minutes to do all of these workouts. Along with that, make sure to take healthy and nutritious food and if you have already gained too much, take some weight loss supplement along with your diet to shed extra fats off your body. Health is the greatest reward from God and a fit and healthy body is not for some specific human beings, it’s for everyone.


Author Bio :

Emma Alex is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, She’s working with Pure Garcinia Cambogia which Provides Weight Loss Supplements.