If you are wondering why we are talking about two products that protect you from the sun when it’s summer, and you want to get as tanned as possible, this article is probably not for you. For everyone else, protection against the dangerous UV rays of the sun should be mandatory. Also, a big mistake that many people make is they think sun protection only needs to be used when it’s sunny out. That is wrong because the sun is out there shining every day, no matter the season. If the sun rises in the morning, which it does, then you also need to protect yourself from it. In this article, we will talk about whether to choose sunscreen or sunblock, the differences between them, and the similarities.

Many people may think that sunscreen and sunblock are the same thing. This is also a big mistake that falls into the same category as the previous one. You should know that sunscreen is the most popular option because it works chemically, protecting the skin from both UV rays and long-term damage. Sunscreen does what its name suggests, it screens the rays and reverses their harmful effects. Experts advise everyone always to wear sunscreen when they are going out of the house.

Sunscreen versus sunblock

As for sunblock, this one usually works physically, but it does contain SPF, as sunscreen also does. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, and it estimates how much UV radiation it takes to burn your skin. So, to choose the best SPF for you, you should pay attention to how long it takes for your skin to get burned or tanned. For example, if your skin usually gets burned in 20 minutes and you wear SPF 30, then, by multiplying it, you’ll find out for how long your skin will be protected. In this case, for 600 minutes, about 10 hours.


Sunblock has one primary job: to protect you from the UVB rays, where the “B” stands for burning. It will only protect the outer layer of your skin, by reflecting the dangerous rays. This product is usually thicker than a sunscreen, a reason why many people don’t like applying it. An advantage is that you won’t have to reapply it very often and that it will protect you from sunburns when you’re out in the harsh sun. The bad part is that it makes your skin look white.


Sunscreen protects from the UVA rays, where the “A” stands for aging. So, it prevents your skin from getting damaged from the sun in the long run. An advantage is that it has a thinner consistency, making it easier to apply and wear. But this means that you need to reapply it often to get the right amount of protection. But if you know you’ll be out in the harsh sun for a few hours, skip sunscreen and go for a sunblock. In comparison, sunscreen is perfect for everyday use.

In conclusion

So, when it comes to which product to choose, it all depends on how long you are exposed to the sun throughout one day. Also, on what kind of product and consistency you prefer. What did you think about our article on sunscreen or sunblock? Did you find it useful? Tell us your opinions down below!

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