Yellow eyeshadow looks are very trendy right now, especially in the spring and with summer quickly approaching. This color inspires freshness and happiness, and makes you want to go to the beach and enjoy the warm sun. Yellow eyeshadow makeup looks are also very versatile and easy to wear, even if many people find this color a bit pretentious for an eye makeup. There are a lot of combinations that you can do, and you will find some of them in our list of yellow eyeshadow looks to rock this sunny shade.

You can wear yellow by itself if you like it, or you can combine it with eyeliner or other eyeshadow colors for even more spectacular looks. Glittery, glossy, matte, everything works with this color, especially when the sun is out to compliment you. You should no longer feel weird if you are wearing yellow eyeshadow. It’s pretty, bold, and can look amazing if done right. So, here are some of our favorite yellow eyeshadow looks for you to try as soon as possible! Here we go!

1.      Yellow cat-eye

This first look is for those of you who love wearing the yellow eyeshadow as it is but want to add something more into the mix. What else? A sexy eyeliner wing. You can also combine the yellow with a matte brown shade and create some sort of a cut-crease look to make it come together even more beautifully. Mascara, some light in the inner corner and there you go! The perfect yellow eyeshadow makeup look!

2.      Festival-inspired fiery yellow!

This second look is perfect for this summer’s upcoming music festivals. It combines yellow eyeshadow with orange or a fiery red shade. Pop some false eyelashes on and voila! If you feel bold enough, you can paint your face with yellow eyeliner for an even more daring look. Like this, you will rock any festival that you’re going to. And that is for sure!

3.      The glossy yellow

Ok, this is certainly not a look that’s for everyone. Still, it’s something that you can wear to a party or special event. There are two ways to create this look. You can either search for a glossy yellow eyeshadow and place it all over your lid, or you can apply matte, powder eyeshadow, and go with a clear gloss over it. Let it dry, and there you have it! For this look, it’s important to leave the rest of your eye simple, only adding a thin coat of mascara. The glossy look is enough to attract all the attention.

4.      Yellow eyeliner

Speaking of eyeliner, you can put a twist on the first look that we showed you and give up on the yellow eyeshadow. Instead, above the black eyeliner, draw another similar wing, but this time with yellow eyeliner. Pop some false lashes on and you’re good to go. This is a very simple look, but it works incredibly well, especially if you don’t feel like putting too much makeup on.

Wrapping it all up

So, did you enjoy our yellow eyeshadow looks? Will you try some of them this summer? Or maybe to a festival? They are too pretty to be ignored, that’s for sure. Are you already a fan of yellow eyeshadow? Let us know down below!

Image source: maxpixel