We have all probably heard various things about how to take care of our nails, what to cut, and what to leave intact, and how to wear them. We have heard those so frequently that they have become realities that we strongly believe in. Guess what? Most of these things are not true and are, in fact, myths that nail expert Lauren B., from the famous luxury nail polish brand Lauren B. Beauty, and her team has debunked for us. So, here is a list of widespread nail myths that everyone believes, and which are not true at all.

Yes, nails may seem a lot less important in comparison with other parts of our bodies, but they are, in fact, a doorway. So, taking this into consideration, and some people’s obsession with nails, it has become a struggle to distinguish fact from reality. But this is what Lauren B. is here for, to reveal the reality behind so many popular misconceptions about nails. Ready to hear those myths debunked so next time you’re at a salon you know how to react? Here we go!

Always cut your cuticles!

This is, in fact, a big NO, NO! Let’s face it, we always ask the nail technician to either push them back or cut them completely. Yes, you may not like how they look and they may prevent your manicure from being perfect, but they are essential to keeping our nails healthy. Lauren says that cuticles are there for a very important reason. That is to keep bacteria out and prevent certain infections. So, by cutting them away, you open that gate for bacteria to enter and you might end up with some serious infections. So, what Lauren says we should do instead? Moisturize them as much as possible so that they become very soft and almost unnoticeable.

White spots mean vitamin deficiency

Again, a common misconception that is not at all true, Lauren and her team say. No, those small white spots on the nails do not mean that you have any deficiency. In fact, they are the visible signs of nail trauma Many women get them after a bad acrylic or gel manicure. You might also end up with those if you use nail tools improperly, if you bite or pick your nails. The solution here would be to take good care of your nails, especially after you’ve had a manicure removed. Moisturize them, use treatments, and stop biting them! In time, these white spots will disappear.

Let your nails “breathe”!

If you are a salon regular, you have probably heard this phrase so many times that you’ve come to believe it. In fact, Lauren says, this is not true at all. Nails do not need to “breathe” oxygen as we do. They get the nutrients they need from our bloodstream, and not from the air. Sure, giving them a break once in a while is an excellent idea, as they need to recover. But saying that your nails need to “breathe” is a common myth that has been debunked.

Summing it all up

So, what did you think about our article on the most common nail myths and the fact that a nail expert has debunked them? Did you know about them? What’s your opinion now? Tell us down below!

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