Chances are that, at some point in your life, you’ll have to deal with some nail problems. If you haven’t already, don’t ‘fret’ – they’re coming. It’s not because you’re not taking proper care of them, but rather because they’re relatively common and the causes are incredibly fickle and easy to dismiss. Regardless of what it was that led to these problems, be glad to know that solutions to them are generally accessible and efficient. This means that you can rid yourself of them fairly quickly and by using mostly natural means as well.

Let’s get to the practical side of things and decode just exactly what these problems are, paired with the best solutions to them.

Top 5 Nail Problems and Their Solutions

#1 Dry Nails

The Problem: Your nails are dry. Yes, it’s that simple. We’ll just start with something relatively mild. However, dry nails are the most common cause for brittleness, so if you keep this aspect under control, you won’t have to worry about brittle nails.

The Solution: Soak your hands in some extra virgin olive oil for approximately 15 minutes every day for a whole month. After that, turn it into a biweekly or weekly process. With only a few allocated minutes, you’ll keep your nails moisturized and strong!

#2 Toenail Fungus

The Problem: Also known as onychomycosis, toenail fungus manifests through swelling, inflammation, yellowing, thickening, or crumbling of the nail. In other words, it’s just unpleasant all around and, above all, can actually pose some serious health threats.

The Solution: White vinegar is a renowned remedy to this issue. Stir together one part white vinegar and two parts warm water and then dip in your feet for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process twice every day until the fungus disappears completely.

#3 Nail Biting

The Problem: Although not your typical nail problem, it’s definitely a huge problem regardless. The only difference is that it’s not germs or bacteria acting out, but yourself.

The Solution: If self-control isn’t just doing it for you, try covering your nails in whatever taste you absolutely despise. Most would recommend rubbing in some chili peppers or anything hot and spicy, but any taste you’d rather stay away from works.

#4 Nail Infections

The Problem: Your nails are infected and that’s no good.

The Solution: There are several treatments you could attempt, but we personally recommend the aloe vera gel remedy. Apply a compress infused with aloe vera gel to the affected nail and then cover with a lightly damp cloth.

#5 Brittle Nails

The Problem: Your nails are weak and easily breakable.

The Solution: If you’ve already gotten this far with this issue, forget about the olive oil and undergo a coconut oil treatment instead. It’s highly nourishing and it provides just enough moisture to restore your nails back to normal.

Wrapping Up

Obviously, there are plenty of other nail problems that could arise, some of which are relatively obscure and rare. We only covered some of the most common ones, so hopefully you now know how to deal with these issues should they come bother you.