Everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. Just like the rest of our bodies, our eyes are also different shapes and sizes. It’s important to acknowledge and try to find what works best for your own eye shape. This includes people who have hooded eyes. In fact, hooded eyes are very common, and many celebrities have this eye shape. Have you ever seen Taylor Swift looking bad? Exactly! That’s because hooded eyes are beautiful and if you know a few tricks, they can look spectacular!

When you have hooded eyes, it means that you actually have some excess skin that is folding down from your brow bone to the lashes. This makes your eyelids look smaller, hide your crease, and in some cases, can even make the person look sad, grumpy, or tired. The idea is that normal makeup tricks that work for other types of eyes don’t usually work here. This is why we have prepared some interesting makeup tricks for you to try out if you also have hooded eyes. Here we go!

Some Well-Placed Highlighter

In certain cases, this very small eyelid space can make you look tired, even if you feel fine and have been drinking coffee non-stop. The solution for this issue is to put some highlighter where it matters. Start with a champagne eyeshadow shade and place it in the inner corner of your eyes, across the entire eyelid and a bit upwards, toward the brow bone. Put some eyeshadow on the lower lash line too and apply some lengthening mascara. This will not only define but will also open up your eyes, making you look wide awake.

Smart Eyeliner

There is one thing you need to know about hooded eyes: when they tend to go down, you need to bring them back up. You can also do this with eyeliner by extending and lifting your eyeliner a bit higher than most people would do. The idea is to create a mysterious and sexy cat eye which will act as lifting too. Here’s a trick! Before doing this, make sure that you powder your eyelids to get rid of any creases. Start by creating a fine line along your upper lash line. Hold your lid up so that the formula dries and doesn’t leave marks. Release the skin and make that flick with the liner towards the end of your brow. Voila!

The Lashes Are Key

Super long, flirty lashes can also open up your hooded eyes and make you look fascinating. You can first apply an eyeshadow of your choice, preferably something shimmery, and then line your upper lash line, but barely. Once the products are dry, start curling your lashes with that terrifying tool we all know. Then, add two generous coats of lengthening mascara. You can even apply some individual false lashes toward the outer corner of the eye if you want more drama.

In Conclusion

So, what did you think about our list of makeup tips for hooded eyes? Are they going to help you? Do you have hooded eyes? Show us how you do your makeup down below!

Image source: maxpixel