More and more lives are affected by stress. Our bodies might get sick when exposed to prolonged stressful periods. One of the most vulnerable areas is our skin. It easily shows the powerful effect of our emotions. Unless you handle life’s difficulties in a proper way, your chances of suffering from eczemas, hives, and rosacea will increase. Let’s see what stress hives are and how we can treat them.

What Are Stress Hives?

Hives, also known as urticaria happens when your skin gets filled with small itchy patches. These signs will eventually become swollen red welts. Hives usually last about six weeks, and they are triggered by a wide range of factors, from foods and insect bites to medication and high levels of stress.

Even though stress can cause hives, these patches appear mostly because of other factors. Besides the ones enumerated above, there are also other causes such as immune response, alcohol use, and more. If you become stressed out in the same period in which you already suffer from urticaria, you will only make it worse.

Stress Hives Symptoms

  • Red skin patches. They are raised Sometimes these hives are red, other time they have the same color as your skin.
  • Blanching. This refers to the way hives turn white at the moment in which you press their center areas.
  • Itchiness. Often, urticaria comes along with other secondary symptoms such as itchiness.

How Does Stress Affect Your Skin?

When you feel stressed out, your body produces a chemical response. This makes your skin much more sensitive and vulnerable. If you already have skin problems, they will be harder to treat in stressful periods. Stress can cause multiple skin conditions like itchy rashes, severe acne, dermatitis, sores, and even skin cancer. Also, during stressful times, your skin becomes dry and dull. All these happen because your skin reacts to how you think and feel. Stress blocks the skin’s lipid barrier. Therefore, all beneficial fluids will evaporate quicker. The best thing you can do is to find ways to reduce stress.

Best Ways to Treat Stress Hives

ways to treat stress hives

You can either take pills and other medicines to treat this problem, or you can use natural homemade remedies. Either way, you should see your doctor first.

  • Apply cool compresses to the affected skin areas. This will calm down the itchiness.
  • Take a special Prepare an oatmeal bath. It is a great remedy when it comes to irritated skin.
  • Apply a baking soda paste on your hives. Mix some baking soda with water and put it on your hives. It will alleviate itchiness as well as redness.

Other effective solutions are vinegar, calamine lotion, and supplements. The best way, though, is to reduce stress and calm down. Try to relax by using different methods such as yoga or meditation.

How to Prevent Stress Hives

  • Take good care of your skin. Hydrate it and moisturize it every day, right before going to sleep. You should do this even when you feel tired or stressed out.
  • Exercise regularly. Workouts are good for both your physical and mental health. It helps your body function better, and it keeps your mind sane. Also, it relieves stress.
  • Rest more. You should get enough sleep. Try to go to bed early and sleep at least seven hours each night.
  • Try stress management techniques. Things like meditation, slow breathing and yoga can help you alleviate stress.

Let’s Recap

Stress hives are not a myth. They are totally real. The good news is they can be treated and even prevented. The wisest thing to do is to find effective ways to reduce stress. Work with your mind. Accept things that cannot be changed and be at peace with who you are.

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