If you learn how to use a curling wand correctly, you can obtain different amazing hairstyles every day. Stop wasting money to go to a hair salon when you can learn how to do it yourself. It is easier than you have every thought, allowing you to be as playful as you’d like. A curling wand will help you get any type of curls you’d like, from loose curls to tight ringlets.

Basic curls

First, brush out your hair and apply a heat protectant. Therefore, your hair will be protected against heat damage. Make sure you work it starting from your roots towards the tips. If you want to use a styling gel to make sure your curls will stay in place, make sure you apply it before curling your hair.

Section your hair by using hair clips. Make sure you have a section at the front, one at the back of your neck and two on the sides. Then, take a strand of hair and hold the curling wand vertically, at the side of your head. Clip the tip of your strand with the curling iron and wrap it around it all the way up. Hold the hair there for about 4 seconds and then release it.  You will have long wavy curls.

Beach waves

Spray some setting spray all over your hair and then begin the curling process. To obtain beach waves, curl your hair away from the face. Start at the roots, wrapping your hair strand around the curling wand. Make sure you keep your hair wrapped for about 4 seconds before releasing the curl. Also, you should consider leaving two inches on the ends of your curl to have a beach-like wave.

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Now, learning how to use a curling wand to obtain flawless curls has never been easier.

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After you curls, the sections on the sides of your face, consider curling the back sections towards the face. In this way, you will obtain a messy appearance. After you finish your beach waves, run your fingers through your hair and apply some hairspray to set your hairstyle.

Tight curls

For this look, you will have to apply a hairspray and some hair gel first. Make sure you work the hair gel from your roots to your tips. Then, blow dry the tips of your hair to encourage further curling. Take your curling wand and start wrapping a strand of hair from the tips up, just a few inches. Do not go all the way up to your roots because you won’t obtain tight curls.

Hold the curling wand for about 10 seconds and release the curl. In this way, you will have tighter and firmer curls. Curl the tips of all your sections of hair and mist some hair spray as soon as you are done. Furthermore, you can choose to spray a little hairspray on every curl, immediately after you release it from your curling wand. In this way, you will prevent it from unfolding until you finish curling all your strands.

Summing up

All these techniques can definitely teach you how to use a curling wand to obtain the perfect hairstyle. Make sure you separate your hair into sections and use a setting spray to define your curls.

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