When you want to style your hair, you’d surely want to know which one is the best between curling wand vs curling iron. All women want to use the best products and the best tools for their hair. This concern has become a popular one when it comes to curling hair. However, before choosing one or the other, you need to know the difference between these two curling utensils and how they work.

Curling wand vs curling iron

A curling wand can help you curl your hair if its medium-length or very long. It is not equipped with a clip, as the traditional curling iron is. You need to section your hair and pick a section. Then, wrap that strand of hair around the curling wand. Next, hold your hair in position until your curl is set. If you are a beginner, then this process may be time-consuming. Nevertheless, after you learn how to use it and for how long you need to hold your curl, you will be a lot quicker.

Usually, a curling wand heats faster than a curling iron. Therefore, it creates curls quicker than a curling iron. Depending on how you set the intensity of the heat, you may need to hold your hair for about 8 seconds. Then, you will have some graceful, open curls.

In some cases, when you purchase a curling wand, you may receive a heat-resistant glove to protect your hands while curling your hair. Within a matter of minutes, you can obtain some fantastic curls that will last for a few hours.

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Consider choosing between a curling wand vs curling iron when you want to curl your hair.

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Curling iron vs curling wand

On the other hand, a curling iron features a clip. To curl your hair, you need to place the extreme ends of your hair in the tool’s clasp. Next, wind the curling iron all the way up to wrap your hair around it. Hold your hand up there until your curl is ready. Therefore, the clasp makes it easier to use. Nevertheless, you need to be extremely careful when winding your hair because the clasp may entangle and damage your hair.

If you curl your hair using a curling iron, you will obtain defined curls. For a classy updo, using a curling iron is recommended. The main advantage here is that this tool has enough tension to make your hair really smooth.

Which one is best?

To decide which utensil is best for you, it is necessary to establish which are your needs and preferences. If you want smoother and faster results, you should use a curling wand. Nevertheless, if you want to start a styling session, using the curling iron would be the best. Furthermore, a curling wand will allow you to create different sizes of curls due to its cone-shaped barrel.

However, you own a curling iron, and you want to obtain different curl sized, you will have to purchase different barrels. Therefore, when choosing consider your hair length and the shape and the size of the curls you want to obtain.

Summing up

It may be difficult to choose between a curling wand vs curling iron, but you should think of your needs. Before making a decision, think about your needs. You should consider the shape and size of the curls you want. If you still don’t know what to choose, make sure you try both utensils and decide after you compare the results.

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