If you decided to go to the gym to maintain your body in shape, then these treadmill workout apps might be just what you need. Fitness is as important as eating healthy. Everyone should take fitness seriously since it offers so many health benefits. If you own a treadmill and you placed it in your living room, all you have to do is to move from your couch to the treadmill and press start.

Exercising should be part of everyone’s routine since we are leading stressful lives, with tons of responsibilities and deadlines to meet. Stop using your treadmill as a hanger for your clothes and start exercising. If you still do not know what exercises you need to do on your treadmill to get in shape, these apps will surely help you.

Treadmill Workout

This app helps you organize your workouts accordingly. Besides the fact that this is a timer app, it will also display how many calories you’ve burnt in the process, also indicating your heart rate. However, you should know that before starting to use the app, you will need to enter all your info manually. The offers a variation of six workouts that offers you the chance to shift your routine as you’d like.

Furthermore, Treadmill Workout can also sync other details connected to your workout if you enable it from the settings. From time to time, the app uses audio prompts to signal when to pause your workout or change the pace. Nevertheless, if you are not pleased with the workouts provided by the app, you can always upgrade them. This app features in-app purchases in order to help you incorporate new characteristics. The most important thing about it is that the app is free.

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If you use these treadmill workout apps, you will burn all the calories, increasing your motivation.

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The unique app BitGym does not require for a special hardware to work. The front camera of your device can help you track the workouts. However, those who use it for the first time might think it’s a little bit odd. Therefore, you need to place your phone on the treadmill, and the app will do the rest for you.

Unfortunately, this app does not come with metrics or data of other apps. Nevertheless, this is a decent app to increase your motivation. This app comes with Android 4.1, and you should know that this is a free app.

5K Runner

The main purpose that stands behind the 5K Runner is to determine you to run a 5K marathon in 8 weeks. The key is to start slowly and then gradually increasing the pace as you make progress. This fantastic app is meant to prepare you for long distance running. You should download this app ASAP if you are willing to participate in a marathon.

The app encourages you to run for about 30 minutes, 3 times per week, for 8 weeks. An audio coach will continuously encourage and motivate you to run for long intervals. Furthermore, the app also features audio prompts that will tell when you should switch from walking to running.

Wrapping up

These 3 treadmill workout apps can always help you stay in shape. You can try different sets of workouts and combine them to make your own routine. Furthermore, these apps can motivate you while working out, increasing your pace to burn those calories.

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