Chanel is known for its many high-end products. Among these products, the Chanel nail polish truly shines due to its high quality and gorgeous shades. The good news is that they have a wide range of nail polishes, so you have plenty of choices. The “bad” news is that it can be quite difficult to choose, since they all have something that makes them appealing. Because we want to help you out, we thought we’d suggest 10 Chanel nail polish shades you should definitely try as soon as possible.

10 Chanel Nail Polish Shades Worth Trying

1. Vamp

One of Chanel’s signature shades, Vamp is a blackened red shade that is extremely elegant and modern. At the same time, it will always be a classic that you can wear anytime, anyplace. This shade is so popular that it has become part of Chanel’s permanent collection and it actually has its own Wikipedia entry.

chanel nail polish shade vamp

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2. Particulière

Not everyone’s cup of tea, this nail polish shade is guaranteed to make your nails stand out. Its greyish tone has made many people fall in love with it. If you’re not one for conventional colors, this one might just be the shade for you.

chanel nail polish shade particuliere

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3. Ballerina

A shade that will never go out of style, ballerina is that perfect pale pink shade that’s subtle and delicate. You can wear it every day for a toned-down manicure. The great thing about it is that it has just the right type of pink undertone without looking too pink.

chanel nail polish shade ballerina

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4. Camélia

For the people who love hot pink, Camélia is a great option. The shade screams summer, so if you like it, you should get your hands on it as soon as possible. It will surely become your favorite nail polish this season.

chanel nail polish shade camelia

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5. Rouge Red

Who doesn’t like a classic red on their nails? This is exactly what Rouge Red is. Whether you want to wear it as an everyday shade or use it to paint your nails before an important event, a true red nail polish is a must-have in everyone’s collection.

chanel nail polish shade rouge red

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6. Rouge Noir

Speaking of red, this blackened red shade is a bit similar to Vamp, except it’s more reddish. This also makes it darker and more intense, so if you’re a fan of dark shades, you’re going to love Rouge Noir.

chanel nail polish shade rouge noir

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7. Roubachka

Dare to paint your nails purple this summer with Roubachka. This deep purple shade is also more suitable for people who enjoy dark shades, and it’s definitely not something you see every day.

chanel nail polish shade roubachka

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8. Bleu Pastel

If red is not your color and you enjoy blue more, we recommend this Bleu Pastel shade which is perfect for the summer. If you want to get that holiday feeling every time you look down at your nails, this is the shade for you.

chanel nail polish shade bleu pastel

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9. Marinière

As the name suggests, Marinière is a dark blue shade that will provide your nails with a modern, elegant, and chic look. Its intense color won’t disappoint.

chanel nail polish shade mariniere

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10. Émeraude

Finally, the last Chanel nail polish shade we want to mention today is a green one, perfect for people who really want their nails to be the center of attention.

chanel nail polish shade emeraude

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We hope you’ve managed to find your favorite among the 10 Chanel nail polish shades we’ve presented above.

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