Have you ever heard of low poo shampoo? This type of shampoo is sulfate free, but it still washes and cleans your hair like a regular shampoo. Traditional shampoos tend to be rougher on your hair, but low poo shampoo is gentler. Why? Because it doesn’t get rid of all the natural sebum your hair and scalp contain. Even so, your hair looks clean, healthy, and shiny for about 3 days. Today, we’ll tell you more about low poo shampoo, how it works, and what its pros and cons are.

How Does Low Poo Shampoo Work?

Interestingly enough, low poo can refer to two different hair washing habits. First, it refers to the practice of only washing your hair every few days and using a small amount of shampoo. You can do this with the shampoo you normally use or you can try a special low poo shampoo. This is where the second hair washing habit comes in. Even with a low poo shampoo, you still have to wash your hair less often.

The idea behind low poo shampoo is that it will help your hair achieve a balance and stop secreting that much sebum by not using traditional shampoos or using them less. Even though the changes won’t be noticeable for a couple of weeks, many people swear by this method. In order to help their hair look better in between shampoos, some people use dry shampoo as well.

Low Poo Shampoo: Pros and Cons


1. It’s Gentler

One of the first and most important benefits of low poo shampoo is that it’s gentler than traditional shampoos that contain sulfates.

2. It Balances Your Hair

As we’ve mentioned above, low poo shampoo helps you balance your hair by regulating the production of sebum. As you may have noticed, the more you wash your hair, the more it tends to secret sebum. Washing it every couple of days and using this type of shampoo can help with that.

3. It’s Natural

Low poo shampoo is sulfate free, which means you’ll be treating your hair with more natural products from now on.

4. It Cleans Your Hair

Perhaps most importantly, low poo shampoo still cleans your hair and leaves it looking healthy and shiny.


1. It Can Take a While to Get Used to

One of the main complaints people have about using this kind of shampoo is that their hair doesn’t look as clean as when using traditional shampoo. What you should know is that this can happen in the first days after starting this hair washing routine. However, if you give your hair time to get used to the change, it will go back to normal (and even look better) after a couple of washes.

2. It Can Cause White Flakes

If you notice white flakes in your hair after using this type of shampoo, you shouldn’t worry. These flakes represent all the buildup and the waxes left in your hair by old products. The shampoo releases them, and they will disappear after a while.

We hope today’s guide has taught you everything you wanted to know about low poo shampoo and whether or not it’s the right option for you.

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