As much as you like their cute colors, the truth is that most nail polishes you buy are filled with chemicals. These chemicals aren’t only bad for you, but they’re also damaging to the environment. Luckily, there are more and more non-toxic nail polish brands committed to keeping us and the environment safe. If you want to switch to non-toxic nail polish, you’re going to enjoy the topic of today’s article. We’ll talk about the 5 main non-toxic nail polish brands you can try and what they offer.

5 Non-Toxic Nail Polish Brands to Keep in Mind

1. Honeybee Gardens

This brand is dedicated to creating nail polish shades that are toxin-free. Just by looking at the label, you can see that the nail polish contains no chemicals you need to worry about. The formula they use for making the nail polish is water-based, free of synthetic dyes, 3-free, and almost odorless. If you’re thinking about the color options they offer, you’ll be happy to hear you can choose from 25 lovely shades, including more unconventional ones such as the blue “Oasis” or the black “Abyss”.

2. Sheswai

Sheswai is a non-toxic nail polish brand that’s becoming more and more known due to its appreciation of natural and chemical-free glamour. Not only are their nail polishes 3-free and eco. They’ve also replaced the plastic cap you find on most nail polishes with one made of sustainably harvested wood. If you need more reasons to love this brand, you should know they also don’t test on animals and give part of their profits to different organizations dedicated to sustainable living, like World Wildlife Foundation or the Nature Conservancy.

3. Tenoverten

The founders of this brand, Adair Ilyinsky and Nadine Abramcyk, have managed to create a business that people are absolutely loving. Upon noticing the fact that there are no proper nail salons in Tribeca, the two friends decided to launch one. Not only that, but they’ve also created a collection of nail polishes that have a unique 8-free formula. The nail polishes are smooth and streak free. Plus, they come in a wide range of colors, from bright ones to neutral ones.

4. LVX

LVX is one of the higher-end nail polish brands on this list. It’s a sort of Chanel of the non-toxic nail polishes. Their products are richly pigmented and come with a 5-free formula. This makes them extremely healthy, both for the environment and for yourself. The particularly great thing about this brand is that it’s always following trends and coming up with seasonal collections to match them.

5. Zoya

Finally, Zoya is one of the first brands that dared to create non-toxic nail polishes. This revolutionized the industry and determined more brands to follow suit. Their nail polishes are 5-free – that’s free of camphor, toluene, formaldehyde resin, formaldehyde, and DBP. Not only are their polishes free of toxins, but they’re also long-lasting. Furthermore, they come out with new shades every season, so you have plenty of options.

We hope these 5 non-toxic nail polish brands have inspired you to replace your old nail polishes with some of the best shades in their collections.

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