If you have been busy all day long near a desk, then you need to do some exercises. Sitting at a desk for a long time can strain the spine and neck. You would be in a terrible situation if shoulder and neck pain becomes unbearable. This would eventually affect the entire body, and you would have to visit the therapist after some time.

While you can’t spare time from the busy schedule, you should perform a few yoga stretching exercises. The best time to carry out exercises is after you have returned home. You would find these exercises useful to take off the load from your muscles. So, since these exercises are not time-consuming, you can do them at any point in time. However, it’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes and remove your footwear before stretching body parts. You could preferably wear slacks and a t-shirt in case you would be doing the exercises at home.

If there’s no way out to leave the desk, then here are some exercises you need to perform.

Neck Rotation

yoga poses

Firstly, you need to sit upright and try to maintain the spine position perpendicular to the chair.

Afterward, you need to drop your chin towards the chest and close your eyes.

Now the neck should be moved to the right-hand side and in line with the right shoulder. You then have to take your head backward with your attention to the ceiling and bring the left ear to the left shoulder.

While you are performing the exercise, you should remember to keep the shoulders in a relaxed position.

Try rotating your neck for at least three or five times. You can then change the direction and follow the steps once again.

Cow Stretch

yoga poses

While you rest your hands on the knees, you need to maintain the usual sitting position.

Once you have attained the right position, you should inhale and stretch your back in the backward direction. As you are doing this step, you should always try to look at the ceiling.

Later, you need to exhale, stretch your back in the forward direction and drop your head facing the floor. Make sure you repeat the set of steps for three to five minutes.

As the spine gets twisted in the concave and convex position, you are sure to get relief from back pain. But, no matter how busy you are, you should carry out the exercise again and again.

Eagle Arms

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For the eagle arms pose, you first need to stretch your arms with the palms facing towards the ceiling. Try keeping them straight in a position parallel to the floor.

Later, you need to cross your right arm over the left and bend the arms slightly around the elbows.

If it’s required, then you can also bring your palms closer to each other.

Afterward, you need to lift the elbows and move your shoulders backward.

Once you have gone through a hectic schedule, you can always get rid of the stiffness. It’s only possible when you carry out some stretching exercises.

Chandrasana / Crescent Moon Pose

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Before practicing the chandrasana, you should always keep your stomach empty. If you are having a meal four to six hours before the exercise, then it’s perfectly fine.

You first need to stand with your feet closer to each other. Later, you need to place the left hand on the left hip, inhale and bend the right knee. As you move the same foot 12 inches forward, you should move the right hand forward.

Soon after a few seconds, you need to exhale and move the right hand to the floor. As you do the step, you must straighten the right leg, lift the left leg and keep it parallel to the floor. Make sure you don’t lock the right knee, and you can maintain the balance.

Twisting the upper body to the left-hand side is the next step. As you move the left hip slightly, you must place the left hand on the hip and gaze forward.

Try touching the fingers to the ground to form an ‘L’ shape with the foot that’s parallel to the floor. Hold the position for a couple of seconds, release yourself and repeat it with the other side.

Ardha Matsyendrasana / Spinal Twist

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Just as it’s with Chandrasana, Ardha Matsyendrasana should be performed early in the morning or six hours after having a meal. Ensure that the stomach is empty as you practice the asana.

Firstly, you need to sit on the mat by keeping your back straight and attaining a position as observed in Pranayam.

Later, you need to move your right leg and touch its sole on the floor anchoring it towards the other side.

Moving ahead, you need to take support by placing the palm and applying slight pressure with your elbow.

The next step would involve rotating your head and keep it parallel to the shoulder. Try gazing on the side from where the leg was lifted.

Follow the steps once again as you anchor the left leg after some time.

Halasana / Plow Pose

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For the plow pose, you need to lie down on the mat with the back towards the floor.

Soon after that, you should take a deep breath, lift both the legs gradually and keep them perpendicular.

Finally, you should move the feet at an obtuse angle, try to touch the toes and wait for a few seconds.

Hope you have learned how to relieve yourself from back and muscle pain. While the exercises above aid to increase muscle flexibility, you would be in a better position to combat stress and anxiety.