Summer is here, and some of us can only think about swimming in the sea, sipping a nice cocktail on the beach, and playing with wavy hair in the sun. Finding a new, summery look would be a great idea. Who doesn’t love ombre or balayage hair? Every woman out there is crazy about this hairstyle. Most of them adopt it during summer. Instead of having a perfect fade, you could consider keeping your hair ends a little darker to add dimension to your hairstyle.

The only 8-step guide to DIY balayage provides the right instructions for you to follow and get the perfect look. Here you have some great DIY balayage ideas, which are trendy this year, and are very useful if you do not want to spend a fortune to get it at a hair salon. Make sure you have all the necessary products before you start dying your hair.

​The Balayage Kit

Irrespective of the color or style you chose, you have to make sure you have all the essential products to obtain the hairstyle you want. Sometimes, going to a professional hairdresser might not offer you the result you expect. That is why doing it yourself would be better. For a balayage hairstyle, you will need:

  • ​Balayage color kit;
  • ​Paddle brush;
  • ​Large hair clips;
  • ​Vaseline;
  • ​An old towel;
  • ​Gloves

​1. Dusty Rose Balayage

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If you have long hair, this balayage style will look gorgeous on you. Besides finding the perfect outfits to wear this summer, you should also take care of your hair. A new hairstyle might perfectly compliment your outfits. The dusty rose balayage mixes shades of blush pink and soft brown together, making you look extraordinary. Your hair will look as if you were lying in the sun every day, having a textured color with incredible reflexes.

​2. Gold Balayage

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To highlight your hair’s reflexes and the way the sun plays with your hair locks, you should consider a golden balayage. If you have long hair dyed with a chocolate brown hair color, then this would look amazing on you. Highlight those chocolaty hair locks with a golden shade towards your hair ends. In this way, you will look as if the sun is following you every day, wearing its rays in your hair.

​3. Raspberry Sorbet Balayage

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When you want to avoid using regular colors for balayage, consider using a crazy shade like this one to get out of the ordinary. However, you should think of using some bleach for your hair to make sure that you will have perfect pinkish and purple-ish hair strands. This balayage hairstyle inspired by raspberry sorbet will turn a few heads, and make you be more confident. Make sure you know how to use that brush for the purples and pinks to perfectly blend into one another.

​4. Sunkissed Balayage

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This blonde balayage will give you the holiday look you deserve. We all know that light colors rule the summer and dark ones rule the winter. Therefore, be brave and buy that grey blonde shade or yellow shade you have been waiting for and get ready to look spectacular. The sunkissed blonde balayage will transform you into a beach babe. Furthermore, if you also choose a wavy hairstyle, you will highlight your balayage even more.

​5. Night Sky Balayage

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​If blonde or light brown is overrated, you should try out this incredible dark blue balayage. First, you have to dye your hair black and then transfer the color of the night sky onto your hair locks. The beauty of nature always inspires us, giving us crazy ideas. Your hair will look like a piece of art. Highlight your dark black hair with an extraordinary shade of deep blue.

Before starting to dye hair by yourself, make sure you learn the necessary steps to obtain the hairstyle you want. If your hair needs bleaching, pay attention to how long you keep the bleach on your hair. Your hair may be damaged after bleaching. Therefore, you have to consider a good hair mask or a similar treatment to nourish it.

This summer, balayage is trending. Make sure you have all the utensils needed to obtain this looks. Be careful when using the brush to design the color strands. Remember to give your hair locks that faded feeling to have an incredible look.