If you want a relaxing and soothing bath, you should take a look at some DIY bath salts recipes for skincare. Hence, you will have a healthful bath by using only homemade bath salts. You can try out some recipes containing Epsom salts. It will help enhance your skin, developing a soothing feeling of calm. Relaxation is helpful for your mind.

Creating these DIY beauty remedies, it means that you want to avoid any added chemicals and uses only natural substances to take care of your body. Any DIY bath salts blend will be fresh compared to bath salts in a store which might have been laying there for a while. When developing homemade bath salts with Epsom salts, you also learn the difference among many essential oils and their properties. You will also find out more about some other products which are useful for the care of your body.

Let’s take a look at some ingredients which can help you create the healthiest and simplest DIY bath salts.

One of the main ingredients is essential oil. Therefore, you need to pay attention when choosing a certain type of pure essential oil since they can serve different purposes. When creating bath salts, you just need a few drops of essential oil because they are very potent. This type of relaxation will help your nervous system. Furthermore, DIY bath salts will also help you to reduce stress. Moreover, it is very important that your body feels energized, contributing to the overall wellbeing.

Furthermore, these essential oils also contribute to your mental health. You should try out essential oils like lemon oil, peppermint, spearmint, and eucalyptus by adding them to your DIY bath salts recipes. Eucalyptus can help you combat cold symptoms, reducing lungs and chest congestion.

The second important ingredient when making your own homemade bath salts consists of dead sea salts. It will invigorate skin cells and smooth your skin. Dead sea salts contain more minerals and have many therapeutic traits. This particular sea salt has become very famous in treating different skin conditions.

Now let’s take a look at some DIY bath salts recipes which could help you get rid of stress and feel energized again.

Epsom salts recipe

Usually, Epsom salts are used in foot baths, soothing sore feet. This type of salt increases ionic strength. Furthermore, it can prevent temporary skin wrinkles which appear after long soaks in water. Epsom salts also reduce inflammation.

DIY sea salts

DIY bath salts offer the relaxation you need after a long stressful day at work.

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Almond oil recipe

Almond oil together with olive oil help softens your skin. Use almond oil to dilute essential oils. Almond oil has almost no smell. Therefore, it will not conflict with any scenting oils that you add.

Red Cosmetic Color recipe

These colors offer an amazing look to your bath salts. They have been developed for homemade use to create soaps and cosmetics, without containing chemicals. Such colors are very concentrated, so just a few drops will do the trick.

Blue Cosmetic Color recipe

These colors are stable in high and low ph environments. Furthermore, they can be used in gel and cream products or to make lotions and soaps.

Summing up, all these DIY bath salt recipes can help you maintain your body healthy and your mind free of stress.