Here are some little girl nail designs which will help you and your little girl have a lot of fun! Kids are always willing to be creative, irrespective of the fact that we are talking about painting, drawing or playing an instrument. However, if your little girl saw you painting your nails, she will definitely be curious to try it on her own. Therefore, pay attention as to where you store your nail polish because someone might try to  copy you.

Furthermore, your kids might also want to copy the Hollywood toddlers they see on TV. Many kids of Hollywood stars are spending their time at the salon. If your little girl wants to paint her nails, you need to make sure that she uses kid-friendly nail polish. For that, you will need to become familiar with some brands which introduce beautiful shades, all nontoxic.

Before seeing some amazing designs which you can practice with your daughter, let’s take a look at some brands.

First, Suncoat nail polish  has water-based, peelable formulas. It comes in eight color-saturated shades. This kids’-specific line is for 3-year-olds and up.

However, let’s not forget about Keeki. This brand has a nail polish shades range of 16 colors which are safe for kids and are water-based.

The last but not the least, Priti in Pink Princess is a nail polish line for kids which comes in 16 shades. Furthermore, it also has spectacular glow-in-the-dark shades which will fascinate your little girl.

Now, let’s see how you can have fun with your little princess, for a daughter-mother night.


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Now that summer is here, you can try out new designs, painting fruits or sweets. This watermelon nail design for you and your little one is amazing! She will be very proud to see that you are both two beautiful princesses, playing together.

Teddy Bear

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Your little one will be thrilled to see you are helping her design a small teddy bear on her nails. Add some dots on the rest of her nails and she will feel spoiled.


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If you read ‘The Little Prince’ for your daughter, she will be very happy to wear one of the characters on her nails. Help her paint the fox from the story to make her feel part of it!

Hello Kitty

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A Hello Kitty nail design will definitely make your kid go crazy! Now she can finally accessorize her little Hello Kitty purse and he Hello Kitty stuffed doll.


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Be one of those cool mom who will have an amazing summer with their daughter. Paint some ladybugs on her nails to add more fun!


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What is cooler than some colorful unicorns or ponies? Your daughter will be very happy and all her friends will want to know how she got that amazing look.


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If you want to have a fun weekend together, take your daughter to the zoo and ask her which was her favorite animal. Then, help her to paint it on her nails and she will look forward to your next adventure together.


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One of the most amazing little girl nail designs is the rainbow one. Even if it may seem complicated at first, just let your little one to paint those lines however she likes. She will have rainbow nails for sunny summer days. Isn’t that amazing?

Muppet Puppets

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Have you and your daughter seen The Muppets? If you haven’t, go for it! She will have a lot of fun and she would overjoyed to see that you are helping her paint the characters on her nails.


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Are you trying to teach your little one about farm animals? Then, let her choose one that she can paint on a piece of paper. Surprise her by helping her get these animals on her nails, too.

Summing up, if you want to spend some quality time with your daughter, do something that she suggests and be the cool mom who helps her get her nails done. Have fun!