If you want to learn which the best matte nail designs are, stay tuned. Beauty does not always mean a beautiful face. Beauty lies literally in the hands of a woman. Having healthy and beautiful nails can draw everyone’s attention. Nevertheless, some may complain that they do not have enough time to take care of their nails or the maintenance is too pricey.

If you do not feel like spending a fortune at a professional salon, then take a look at our suggestions and find out how to have an exquisite look without spending too much. Here you have some matte nail designs which could give an amazing and subtle effect. Everyone falls for matte nails because they offer a unique look. If you do not like sparkly flashy nails, then these designs might be exactly what you are looking for.

You can use any matte color that suits you or your wardrobe. Furthermore, you can use your creativity to design some fantastic patterns which would make you stand out. If you believe that glossy nails do not suit you or they are inappropriate for work or school, then choose matte nail designs. These designs will give you a classy and elegant look.

Even if sparkly nails are eye-catching, sometimes we feel the need for a change, and that is when you want a sophisticated look with matte nail polish. You should go for matte nails if you want your style to be more age appropriate.

-Purple matte nails

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Use some shades of purple to obtain this beautiful look for your nails. Try to start with a darker shade of purple at the root of the nails.

-Be creative

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Painting your nails with matte nail polish does not mean that your manicure will look boring. Feel free to experiment, using your imagination. You can add some rhinestones to make them look a little sparkly if you want.

-Nude nail polish

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A nude shape can give a subtle but elegant look. Furthermore, you would be able to wear anything you want from your wardrobe because this color can match with either bright or darker colors.

-Black matte design

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Using a black matte nail polish will not make you look gothic at all unless you wear the appropriate clothes. Instead, it will make you look bold.  Feel free to experiment with your nail polish to get the perfect look.

-Simple look

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If you want to keep things simple and not waste a lot of time painting your nails, then choose your favorite nail polish subtle color and confidently apply it. A matte nail polish is never a mistake.

-Passionate look

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Red is passion and fire. If you want a red nail polish for your nails, you will look passionate, confident and sexy. Try out a red matte nail polish and experiment with some rhinestones.

-Metallic look

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If you love matte nail designs, but you are also fond of metallic looks, then try out a matte gray nail polish and apply a metallic touch. Therefore, you will have an amazing French manicure which will draw everyone’s attention.

-White nail polish

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A white nail polish will help you stand out just like a black nail polish does. This look will never get out of fashion the whole summer. Your snow-white nails will look gorgeous!

-Green nail design

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As I previously said, matte nail polish should not be boring. Try to paint some patterns, letters or whatever you want over the matte nail polish. This black-and-green look is fantastic!

-Colorful look

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If you cannot decide on a color, then feel free to use every nail polish you have. Be as creative and innovative as you want to be!

Summing up, these suggestions will come in handy for all those matte nail designs out there who want to try new nail art.