Red and black nail designs will never be out of fashion. Red is a timeless color when it comes to nail polish. It gives you a passionate and feminine look. However, if you want to make your nail design to appear more interesting, you can add different shapes or shades of red. As far as black nails are concerned, the styles vary from rock-inspired themes to chic decorations, drawing everyone’s attention.

They will give you and eccentric and bold look. Both red and black nail designs are statements. They draw others attention because it takes courage to experiment with these colors. For both black and red nail designs, you need instruments and qualitative nail polish. Before starting applying the nail polish, you need to make sure you take good care of your nails.

Specialists recommend that you should keep your nails short or medium, never long. When it comes to nail designs, you should choose only those which make you feel comfortable and which are easy to make. First, let’s take a look at five best red nail designs and then five black nail designs.

-Random stripes

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You may think that such a design will take you hours to make or you need to have a lot of skills. Well, this is not at all true. Firstly, you need to paint your nails white and wait for them to dry. Cut some strips and stick them onto your nails. The next step is applying a red coat over the stripes. Then, remove the strips. Now you have some amazing nails!

-Red rhinestones

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Rhinestones look glamorous on nails. You can choose to add one or even cover all your nails with them. It depends on your taste. Before applying these rhinestones, you should take a polish your nails in red.

-Red and silver

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Red means passion and fire. By adding just a little bit of silver, it can make your look more gentle. Due to the medium short length and the silver touch gives your nails a very feminine look.

-Candy nails

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This design is specially made for all candy lovers. Furthermore, this nail design will draw everyone’s attention when passing by. The red candy nails will highlight your crazy look.

-Red sparkles

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Short nails and red sparkle look gorgeous! You should definitely try this look because it screams out femininity and confidence.

-Black nail polish and animal print

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If you chose to wear black nails, this does not mean that you cannot be creative. Try to apply some beautiful animal prints to spice up your look.

-Black nails and rhinestones

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Push your boundaries and let your creative burst! Apply some rhinestones on your black nail polish and your nails will look luxurious.

-Flowers on black nail polish

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You could try to carefully draw some small little flowers on your black nails to make you look more flower-power.

-Black and red

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A nice French look with black nails and red nail tips would look exquisite. Try out this new look and feel free to experiment with your best nail polish.

-Black nail polish and white dots

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You need to choose a nail design which suits you best. Try some intricate combinations, even some white dots which could give you a fun and trendy look.

Summing up, these red and black nail designs can help you spice up your look and draw people’s attention, appearing as passionate and confident.