Gold or silver jewelry are worn by a lot of people. Most of them are used to wear these enhancement items in their ears and some of them even in their eyebrows, nostrils, and belly buttons. Therefore, when someone decides to show off with a tooth jewelry, it comes as no surprise to the rest of us. If you want to add a little spark on your appearance, you should also add a gem on one of your teeth, but make sure to do it after consulting a dentist.

Should You Wear Tooth Jewelry?

Tooth jewelry is basically a tiny gem applied on your tooth’s surface. You can do this at home, using a kit you bought from the store, or you can go to a dentist’s office to let professionals take care of this aspect. I, personally, prefer and recommend the second option because it is less risky. After all, letting experienced professionals working on your teeth is better than to do it yourself and affecting your oral health.

The tooth gem is bonded to your tooth’s enamel. However, things are not that simple. Before sticking the gem, the dentist has to etch the tooth’s surface to make it rougher so that the jewel bond quicker and remains fixed. If you choose a great dentist, the entire procedure will be simple, quick, and painless.

Dental enhancements can be subtle if you choose small gems or bold and edgy if you opt for grills. Although this is a new hot trend when it comes to beauty tricks, dentists say their patients come more often to have their teeth checked up because of the dental jewels. If you don’t have a thorough dental hygiene, this kind of trend might seriously damage your health. Bacteria and plaque will eventually build up around your jewel, irritating your gums and leading to tooth decay, unless you brush and floss every day.

What Kind of Tooth Jewelry Should You Wear?

a lot of diamonds positioned to form a tooth shape

Tooth gems come in a lot of colors, shapes, and sizes. You can choose from plenty of things such as small gems and even full grills. It is obvious that gems are easier to handle, to apply and less risky. Let’s see what your choices are.

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I’ve decided to start with the most problematic type of tooth jewels. This one covers your entire mouth, usually coming in contact with your gums. The American Dental Association has stated that it is a serious health concern to wear a grill on your teeth. On the other hand, as long as you keep a regular and scrupulous dental hygiene, nothing bad will happen.

2. Small Gems

As you can probably guess, this option is safer and more subtle. It is a rising fashion trend, and many American celebrities have used it. If you choose to apply it at a professional dental clinic, no permanent damage will occur. Ask your doctor to glue the gem on your enamel rather than drilling a small space in your tooth to insert the jewel.

Final Words

Unlike other procedures, applying tooth jewelry on your enamel is not a painful or too risky thing to do. If you want to show off your bold personality, you should seek a dentist’s advice before deciding to bond a gem on your tooth. This kind of embellishing item will give a spark to your smile, and it is also easy to remove.

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