Many women are probably wondering what the difference between sugaring vs waxing is or which one is more effective. Some of them may have already tried both while others do not even know what sugaring is. However, now that we still have a few weeks to enjoy the summer by going to the beach, we need to know what technique is the best one.

You definitely need to stop being friends with your razor and try out other hair removal methods which can leave your skin smooth for a longer time period. Sugaring is appropriate for those who have sensitive skin due to the fact that it’s hypoallergenic. This contains three natural ingredients, namely lemon juice, water, and sugar.

However, waxing presupposes the use of chemical ingredients. The sugaring ingredients only adhere to the hair. On the other hand, the wax ingredients also adhere to the skin cells, irritating it.

Sugaring vs Waxing

When waxing your hair, you need to apply the hot wax onto your hair in the direction of hair growth. You will need an applicator stick to spread the wax. Then, you need to apply a cloth strip on top of that wax, and you pull it very quickly against the direction of your hair growth. You should know that this is likely to cause hair breakage rather than pulling your hair out from the roots.

Sugaring works differently. First, you need to spread that mixture onto your hair, against the direction of hair growth. Then, apply a wash cloth over the wax and pull in the direction of hair growth. You will notice that this method helps you remove the hair, pulling it out from the roots.

Furthermore, with waxing you can only use a tube of wax and several applicator sticks to get the job done, while with sugaring, you can use this treatment repeatedly.

Smooth legs

Choose between sugaring vs waxing to maintain your skin smooth for a longer period.

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Sugaring is less painful than waxing

Many women claimed that sugaring is not as painful as waxing is. This is due to the fact that it causes less trauma to the skin. Sugaring does not damage the skin as waxing does because that paste will not get stuck to the skin, but to the hair only. Therefore, your skin will be less irritated.

These methods are certainly more effective than shaving using a razor. Your hair can grow back in 2 to 8 weeks. However, some aestheticians argue that sugaring is more effective than waxing because it can easily remove shorter hairs.

Because it is a little more effective, sugaring tends to be more expensive than waxing. Furthermore, the process of sugaring takes longer than the waxing one. However, more and more women tend to choose for something they have already tried once or twice, and since waxing is an older practice than sugaring, they are tempted to get their legs waxed. Sugaring can cost up to $80 for the bikini area.  What is more, it can be rather difficult to find an aesthetician who is good at sugaring.

Wrapping up

Sugaring vs waxing can be a tough choice, but you need to choose the one that best suits your skin. Make sure your skin will be smoother for a longer time period and you will avoid irritating it.

Image Source: Salus Massage Therapy