Now that summer is finally approaching, many of you are thinking about doing a slight change to their hair. However, there is a small problem here. Seeing as summertime is a carefree period, you don’t want any of the intricate and complex hair styles that have taken the internet and the world of hair styling by storm. The key here is for your new do to be as low-maintenance as possible. You surely don’t want to be spending days at a salon instead of going out with your friends. Because we know this struggle very well, we have prepared a list of some very pretty low maintenance hair color ideas for a no-fuss change.

However, it’s important to know that when a hairstyle is low-maintenance doesn’t mean that you must not do anything to achieve it or keep it looking fresh. Still, these ideas are certainly more low-maintenance than many other trendy hairstyles and colors that have invaded social-media. Adopting one of them will offer you a lot of free time to enjoy in the summer, without worrying about how your hair is going to look afterwards. Here we go!

1.      Ashy “bronde”

This is the classic alternative, especially if you are not a natural brunette. You can still achieve this look, but you might need some bleaching first. Still, the basic blonde-brunette hybrid that has always been trendy and continues to be so. However, the trick here is to add a hint of ashy tones to it to spice it up, hence the “ashy bronde” color. This color is almost wood-like, slightly washed-out, and it will most certainly suit you. It’s very low-maintenance because once you have it done, there is it! It needs no extra work put into it.

2.      Blonde with dark roots

Another classic alternative if you want a low-maintenance hair color. So, if you want to get your hair to be all summerish without completely giving up on your natural color, this is for you. It’s basically a blonde balayage with darker roots, again, a combination of blonde and brunette. It’s important to note that this color embraces the dark roots. The hairstylist can even add some dark blonde touches to the roots to keep everything well-blended together and to also offer some dimension to the hairstyle.

3.      The tortoiseshell

This is a specially-recommended hair color for those who have dark hair. So, if you want a change, you can ask your colorist for tortoiseshell hair color. This only consists of some subtle honey and caramel highlights, which will be most concentrated at the ends. Pair this beautiful color with relaxed beachy waves and you will get a gorgeous result that everyone will admire. Also, it’s very low-maintenance and the perfect option for you.

In conclusion

So, it’s important to remember that while these low-maintenance hair color ideas do not require a lot of effort, it would be best to switch up your routine a bit. Try buying products for color-treated hair in order to keep the colors vibrant and fresh. Apart from shampoo, you should use conditioner and a mask which are specially-created for colored hair. So, what did you think about these hair color ideas? Will you try them? Tell us down below!

Image source: pixabay