We all wish to achieve an effortless hairstyle, especially when on the run, but more often than not, the frizzy mess of hair that sprouts in all directions is not quite the desired look. In today’s guide, we’ve decided to cut down on all the time-consuming steps to getting a shiny, voluminous hairstyle and concentrate on the bare minimum for the best results. Therefore, we’ll simply be looking at how to blow dry hair and nourish it with only two haircare products!

How to Blow Dry Hair – Tips for Proper Care

Check the Blow-dryer Settings

The first step is the easiest: simply look at your blow-dryer’s settings! Make sure not to use the high heat setting as much as possible. If you’re in a rush and have no time to spare, try upping the setting of the air stream, not of the heat.

Apply Heat Evenly

Applying too much heat will give your hair blow-drying damage. So, after adjusting the settings, make sure to move your blow-dryer constantly, from the roots to the tip of the strands. You can also divide your hair into portions using hair clips to avoid concentrating too much heat on one portion.

Use the Blow-dryer Accessories

Don’t forget to use the nozzle that came with the blow-dryer! Without it, the heat will diffuse unevenly and you won’t get that smooth effect. The nozzle will properly distribute the heat on each strand. The diffuser is also a great component if you’re in the mood for some soft curls. Remember to keep a little distance from your hair as to not overpower it with the heat.

Let Your Hair Dry on Its Own

Before jumping into blow-drying your hair, let it dry on its own for a couple of minutes. Wrap your head in a towel turban and relax. It’s less damaging for your hair and less work for you!

Get the Two Wonder Products

You only need to remember two basic haircare products: heat protectant and volumizer! The heat protectant will prevent your hair from getting blow-drying damage and the volumizer gives you that effortless pizazz as if you just left the salon. Apply the volumizer at the roots and not on the strands as they will curl down and the hair will look sloppy.

Get the Right Brushes

Last but not least, the brush. A large, round brush will always make your hair look smoother – try the boar and nylon round brush for extra volume. If you have a brush with a metallic core, be careful. The core can heat up like a curling iron so remember not to keep it too much in your hair to avoid damage. A flat boar and nylon brush will also work if you have short, coarse hair as it smooths and flattens – no need for anything fancy! For more on best brushes, check out the full article. 

Final Words

Now you have all the information you need on how to blow dry hair, distilled into 6 simple tips. Now you can achieve a perfect look at home by only using the bare minimum. Let your hair cool down and enjoy that new, healthy glow!

And because is summer is upon us, you could take some extra precautions to make sure your hair stays flawless with these UV protection products.

Image source: thetrendspotter.net