After  years of trying to balance time management and hair styling, hair dryers have come in handy to many, many people. It can be a struggle however, to find the right appliance for your hair. Take a look at this list of the best hair dryers on the market, this list has hair dryers with a variety of different features- narrow it down to the best hair dryer for you with this list!

1. CHI Air Vibe Digital Touch Hair Dryer

The brand CHI has made quite the name for itself through their very successful line of hair straighteners. Being a reliable brand, the positive reviews for this hair dryer were not unexpected. Compared to your usual hair dryer, the Air Vibe gets the job done in a fraction of the time with salon results. Even with the impressive amount of time this dryer takes, it does not leave your hair feeling brittle after using it! In fact, after you dry your hair, you’re sure to get compliments on your hair that day, or have people asking you which salon you’ve been going to!

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2. Conair Iconic Turbo Styler

This hair dryer is a great hair dryer for the fraction of the price of some of the more popular dryers. This dryer is known for how user friendly it is; it has many different settings to help you achieve the style you’re going for. This dryer is very powerful yet easy to control and, this hair dryer helps to work against heat damage!


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3. Harry Josh Pro Dryer 2000

This hair dryer, as a favorite among professionals, is expensive, but is also a game changer. Reviews for this appliance are through the roof and it’s not a mystery why. This dryer leaves your hair looking amazing and leaves you feeling confident and beautiful knowing that your hair will be looking great all day long.

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4. Remington T-Studio Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer

This hair dryer is one that many normal people use. This dryer is one that one hurt your wallet and will still get the job done with ease. Not only will your hair dry quickly while using this, you will also have a head of hair with volume that no one can compete with. If you’ve never really used a hair dryer before, this one would be perfect for you to start with!

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5. Moroccanoil Professional Series Hair Dryer

If you’ve been fighting your frizz, this hair dryer will help you win that battle. The Moroccanoil hair dryer will not only reduce your frizzy hair, but will increase that shine you’ve always been striving for. Along with making your hair look fantastic, your hair will feel absolutely amazing after each use. Let your hair thank you and make the investment!

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Which hair dryer is best for you?

After reading about each of these blow dryers, the decision is yours! Will you chose to fight your hasty frizz with the Moroccanoil Hair Dryer, or will you chose a more economically smart appliance with the Remington T-Studio Hair Dryer? Whichever hair dryer that you decide on out of these, your hair will love you for making the upgrade!